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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

St. Pattie's Day weekend

Oh Mercy...Why is it that Mondays come so quick?

We had another good weekend. It was really busy.

We had birthday parties, fabulous weather, church, yucky weather, and bam! Before I knew it my weekend ended.

Wyatt went to a classmates birthday party Saturday and it was a lot of fun. Little sis came along for the party, but she mostly snoozed. Wyatt cracks me up playing with other kids. It just  makes my heart so full. He was a brave little guy crawling up the big slide all by himself. He convinced daddy to go carry him up there the first few times, but then I made him do it by himself. That sounds so mean, but I knew he could do it. I tried to get Ryan to show him how, but Wyatt wasn't having it. Finally he listened to me and figured out he had to crawl up thing instead of walking upright. Once he figured it out he no longer needed our help just a little encouragement.

We had beautiful weather Saturday too! It made me so ready for Spring when I can just sit outside and let Wyatt be a boy. He got lots of playing done outside and was such a big help to his daddy while they made a burn pile and mowed the grass.

We intended to get a lot more done, but with two babies it's proving to be a little harder.

Sunday we headed to church. I just know that one day we will actually be on time. It doesn't matter how early we get up... we are never on time and it drives me bonkers! I told Ryan on the way that we will probably never be on time again. Well, at least in about 14 years when Wyatt starts driving.

After church we fed the babies, put them down for naps, and watched a movie. We then got around and headed to Yell county to visit family. We didn't get home until nearly 8 so getting the house cleaned like we had intended didn't happen again.

Since it's Spring Break for Wyatt and he doesn't have school tomorrow he is going to spend the night with his Nana tonight. Me and the hubs are cleaning the house and going to try and figure out what to do with the outrageous amount of toys we are hoarding since the realtors come out tomorrow. Yuck...on to the process of having the house up for sale. Again. This time with two kids. Wah, wah!

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