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Wednesday, March 27, 2013


If you don't want to read about our laundry shenanigans I suggest you stop reading now.

I never thought my near 2 yr old's world would revolve around laundry. Never. Whenever we have people over he instantly wants to take the to the laundry. Which, at times, makes me have a slight panic attack hoping no underwear is visible. I try all day to occupy him. Puzzles, games, coloring, ANYTHING to get his mind off CLOTHES! as he says. Sometimes the washer gets unlevel and you best believe that little UL that takes places of how many minutes are left will not go unnoticed by Wyatt Hudson. To easily entertain him for 20 minutes while I feed his sister, I let him take the clothes our of the dryer and put them in a basket. In the dryer. Out of the dryer. Would occupy him all day I let him. Today, he knocked a sock under the dryer and started trying to reach for it. He called for my help so I swiped my hand under there and what do you know the first thing that came out was the last paci we hadn't see in weeks. I scooped that thing up faster that you can imagine and no, it didn't go unnoticed by Wyatt. He picked up the 2 socks we had found but kept asking where it go? and trying to look under the dryer. Oh mercy. That success that I had literally just wrote about was almost out the door.

And, because it was down right hilarious I have to share this. Wyatt has never climbed in the dryer. Which to me is shocking. He was doing his clothes and I heard him crying hard so I came in to find the poor guy stuck in there and trying get out but couldn't get over the lip of the dryer. I died laughing after I got him out. Okay, okay I was laughing during because I actually saw him slip in there while on the rescue. He was pretty ticked at the dryer because laundry was done for a few hours. Oh that little boy! 

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