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Tuesday, April 14, 2015


I was curious when a 501 number popped up on my phone today. I answered thinking it was a telemarketer, so you can imagine my surprise when I heard Baptist and Marketing Director in the same sentence. 

Imagine even more surprise when campaign, commercial, and conference call were also mentioned a few sentences later. ( Also note the alliteration.) 

I agreed to all on behalf of our family. 

I still am surprised that Ryan's "story" is just that. A story. His story. Our story. Even more, I'm still surprised that it is something people still want to share. 

That we ended up on something like this: 
Hello, heart month!

Throughout our time in the hospital we always heard how "amazing" and "incredible" it was that he survived. That random people who worked in that hospital, and we later encounter in some fashion, knew about Ryan and were shocked to see him alive. It truly never gets old. 

It also never lessens the blow because those emotions are still so fresh, even 9 months later.  

I cry happy tears thinking that he's here today. I cry tears of sorrow thinking of how life could have been.

To this day, I still get asked how he is doing. I still get teary and emotional when I talk more in depth about it all and that, I'm sure, is when people regret asking me in the first place. 

I'm excited about the #keeponamazing campaign at Baptist. I'm hopeful I say the right things, keep it together, and they decide to move forward using Ryan's story. Because, after all, I agree that it is pretty incredible. 

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