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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Jack n Back Half Marathon

Well we did it again. We paid money to run with strangers. I only say that because this is the first race that we didn't know anyone. It was a rare occurance! 

Special things happened during this race. I sported my first fanny pack and it's total convenience over fashion. I guess next I'll be needing to get a camelback.

Either way, it worked our beautifully carrying my Rehydrate!

The half was by far the toughest. It's 3.5 miles up a mountain, 3 miles down, turn around and go back the way you came. 

Honestly, I wasn't feeling it at all. That's possibly why Emma and I parted at mile 3 or so. That, and she was wearing her special rocket shoes today- read: her pretty new Brooks. 

I didn't mind though. It was a gorgeous day. I mean seriously the weather could not have been any more perfect-overcast, breezy, in the 60s. This is my ideal running weather. I just plugged along wondering all the time why I do this to myself. 

I prayed a lot during miles 4-5. I remember because it was an easy downhill run. And a lady came running out of the bushes while her friend waited. We all knew what she was doing. 

I prayed for those who immediately pop into my head. Those I remember asking for prayer requests, those I pray for daily, and prayers for myself. 

Then, about mile 6 I remembered a wonderful little thing called Pandora and turned that on. Nothing like some Tom Petty, Lil Jon, Eric Church, and Blink-182 to remind you that you actually do enjoy a little time just you, the outdoors, and some music. 

The course is beautiful. Up and down, up and down with a rolling creek running alongside you. Let me just say now that I love Arkansas. 

Headed up...
Headed down...

Ahhh, beautiful weather!!

And please note the time here:
The race started at 8 on the dot. Thanks for the words of encouragement Bunney!

Like I said, the course was challenging. There were a few flat stretches but for the most part just climbs. It's in the middle of nowhere too with few runners. 

I recommend it to anyone who wants a challenging 13.1 to check off. I think we will do it next year. Emma placed first in her age group! I placed last. There were 4 in mine and even less on Emma's. See, few runners. 

Nonetheless, we earned our bling and are now on the prowl for our next one. 

Sweet number 5, I'm coming for you!

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