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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Why I chose AdvoCare

I knew Haley sold it. I saw that it worked.  I mean she was a walking billboard for it. I had used the products Spark and Rehydrate but that was the extent of my AdvoCare usage. 

Haley tried to get me to, but I always said no and just continued to get my Spark from her. 

Honestly, I didn't want to lose weight because I didn't really need to and I didn't want to give up sweets. 

There. There's the bombshell. 

I didn't want to give up sweets. 

I'm as honest as the days are long. Ryan says it makes me rude and whatnot, but that's me. I am a no nonsense person and I'm okay with that. 

I'm also a skeptic. 

Even though I saw my best friend have nothing but results. And I took products myself and they did exactly what they told me they would. 

So this winter a friend and I were working out and he mentioned losing weight. I popped off, you should try AdvoCare. 

Um, what? 

I think I was as surprised as anyone that it popped out of my mouth so confidently. 

I told him about it. He looked into it and bought a challenge. 

It was that easy. It was also a regretful moment seeing that could have been my sale had I been a distributor. Ha! 
So he bought the challenge and another for someone else to do with him because it is easier (and more fun) to do it with others. 

That other person backed out last minute. 

So, the Sunday before he was to start I volunteered as tribute.

He was likely as shocked as I was, but I wanted him to do well and I honestly knew he need that extra encouragement. 

So we did it. Together. I was only a few days into my cleanse and I signed up to be a distributor.

I saw the difference. I felt the difference and I decided I ultimately wanted to do one thing. Help people feel better about themselves by getting healthy. Or giving them energy. Or maximizing their workouts. Yes, the business part is fun and I'm still learning but it's a new endeavor I am excited about it! (Read: I have a bachelors in Economics and Finance. That's my jam.) 

I see the results my friends are having and I'm like a mother hen beaming with pride when I check in and they tell me how good they feel or the pounds they've lost. 

That alone makes it worth it to me. 

So if you are curious about AdvoCare and the posts I make, just ask. Asking never hurt anyone. And ultimately, I want to help you. 

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