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Friday, April 13, 2012

1 year appointment

Yesterday, I asked Ryan to picked up *a* cupcake FOR THE BABY. I mean, it was his birthday. It was only proper that he get cake. Well, Ryan brought home this:
Four cupcakes. Really?! Four of them? I only asked for one. Anyway, Ryan ate the majority of them I am proud to say. (I've got lots of pigging out to do tomorrow at his birthday party!)

Want to know who else lurved him some cupcake?

Honestly, are we surprised? Um. No. What doesn't this boy like? Besides potatoes. I'm still trying to figure out how this is humanly possible.

Today, baby had his 1 year well-baby visit. This also meant it was time for shots. Ugh!

After waiting for over an hour we finally got to go back. Daddy surprised us by sneaking up on us while we were checking in. Daddy got major brownie points for that one.

At 12 months Wyatt is:
26.9 pounds
30 in long

Big boy! More to love!

-You are wearing 18 month clothes
-Size 6 shoe
-Size 5 diapers
-You say mama, dada, nana, ga, ba. No real words though. You're the strong silent type.
-You are taking multiple steps here and there and it is adorable watching you walk around.
-You sleep 11-12 hours a night
-You no longer take a bottle
-You are on cow's milk and you haven't had a problem with it
-You love, love, love to scream

There are many, many more things that you are into. Namely, everything. You are such a joy to our lives and so much fun at this stage. You guessed's my favorite!

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