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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter 2012

Since we went to the zoo yesterday and Wyatt only had an hour nap all day he went to bed super early. By 7:00 he was asleep and he slept until 8:45 this morning. We were pretty thankful because we were exhausted. Not sure how we became so exhausted so quickly, but when you add a rambunctious baby to the mix, you seem to tire pretty quick!

We gave the baby his Easter basket filled with eggs and 5 books. I think he will really like the books since he is in love with turning pages now days. 
This picture makes me think he looks like a 3 year old boy and not a sweet little baby.
He just picked up the eggs and banged them together. I think next year we will actually get to do some hunting!
Cutie pie ready to leave for church this morning.
We had a great church service and the baby enjoyed time in the nursery. It is getting easier to take him knowing he is in good hands, getting to play with other babies, and Ryan and I are actually getting to pay attention in church!

After church we headed to Aunt Cindy's for lunch and took a family picture.

Outtakes are always much more fun, right?

The real deal:
Aunt Kylie was walking around with Wyatt and he just looked so grown up. Many times today he took 6+ steps at a time-alone. Ahhh! I'm not ready for this!
I know a secret...Wyatt is getting a wagon for his birthday. This was a test run and I think he is going to get lots of use out of his. 

We also got to see Maycie again. I will admit I was kind of a baby hog. I got to hold her, feed her, burp her, and I loved every second of it! At one point Sara even asked me while I was feeding her if she wanted me to take her and I politely declined. I didn't realized just how much I missed feeding and burping a baby!! So sweet. We also had to get Wyatt to learn to be gentle. I got Miss Maycie back from Wyatt's Nana because Wyatt got all kinds of upset that she was holding the other baby!

He is PaPaw and his great grandchildren- Taylor, Wyatt, and Maycie.
After Aunt Cindy's we headed to see Poppa. We turned Wyatt's car seat around in Ryan's truck. Saaddd! He seemed to really like it though!
We saw the Brasher's driving by so we pulled into the house and got to visit for a little bit...but we, of course, didn't leave until I got me a picture of the cute little boys!
Lawson was sweet and giving Wyatt a kiss.
Driving the rest of the way to Poppa's house.

After Poppa's we went to Mimi and Pawpaw's. Lots of running around on holidays for this bunch! We had a great dinner with them and then headed home to get our baby cleaned up and in bed. He only had about an hour nap all day again today. We straight wore him out this weekend. Us too.

And because it's funny...look at our picture from last Easter. Eek! Look how tired and run down we look! I guess that is what having a newborn is all about!
Hope you all had a wonderful Easter!

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  1. Wyatt and Charlotte both had 2 Easters before they turned one years old!

    Looks like a fabulous Easter.


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