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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Weekend recap

I've got to start blogging more regularly instead of doing a weekend recap consisting of pictures from Thursday to Sunday. Nonetheless, here we go...

Thursday we went to play golf with daddy and it was so much fun. We completed 9 holes before we had to head home because baby was getting tired and hungry.

Also, Ryan thinks that I dress the baby in girly attire sometimes...What does he know? I think Wyatt looks so adorable and I had to dress it in him because it won't be long before it won't fit him.

Saturday morning Wyatt and I ran to get some donuts for all of us. We got him a cake donut and he gobbled it right up.

Saturday we had plans to meet all my friends at the bar to watch another friend's band play. All 4 of my best friends reunited. This is the first time no one has been preggo since July 2010. Wowzers. We had so, so much fun.

Ryan was thoroughly excited on the way.

My beautiful best friends:
Courtney showed up and we opted to "get silly."

There was tons of laughs, dancing, and a few "I could get in a fight right now." I swear when you get us girls together we get a little ridic.

Today, I made the baby into a little girl complete with a perfect little ponytail.

Aww, so cute. Haha. Hope you had a great weekend!

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