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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

3 year old cool

Wyatt's three. He is a super cool, super rad, super sweet, super particular lover of laundry and he holds a special place in my heart. 

THESE are the days the every mother talks about. The days you never want to forget. The days that you would give your right arm for. The days every parent wishes they could get back even if it were for a minute. The days when a simple question asked for the 67th times has you wanting to pull your hair out. The days when no matter how much you think you love them, something completely out of the blue has your heart bursting into a million pieces. 

Wyatt's three.

The age that seemed so far away, yet here we are. 

The age where potty training is something you both look forward to and dread. 

Wyatt's three. The age where I see his personality shining and I can't help but be anything but proud. 

I absolutely love his age right now. We can carry full conversations about the most mundane things, but they're things that mean the world to him. I love the random I love yous. The "I always love you mommy" I get in return when I whisper I love you to him. When he yearns for approval. The, "do you like it?" I get when he makes something for us. The "what we got tomorrow?" that he so desperately asks each day because he has to know what's ahead of him. The way daddy will be home in "4 more minutes" or the "just one more time and dats it" when he wants another sip of his daddy's Dr. Pepper. The "am I not listening?" when I'm having to repeat myself telling him to get in his car seat. 

Wyatt's three. He is his daddy's shadow and there isn't anything he wouldn't do for him. He refuses to wear a shirt to bed because that's how daddy sleeps. 
He mimics everything his daddy does. He wants to be just like him and lives for the minute that Ryan walks through the door. 

My baby is three. 

He is a lover of chocolate milk and laundry. Popcorn before bed and goldfish with cherries and berries fruit snacks. Green undies over blue undies. Daddy's hugs over mommy's kisses. He loves his Sissy with a deep passion. He loves to use the "clicker" every day to open the garage. Driving from the cemetery to the house. Scout. 

My baby is three.The boy who is still just a baby and I see it when he is tired. The boy who crawls up into our arms when he's scared and the boy who will forever be my baby. 

Three is an awesome age. Three is when I truly realized for the first time that Wyatt Hudson was becoming a little boy. One heck of a cool dude. 

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