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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

4 year old cool

I've talked about 3 year old cool before, but that doesn't even touch 4 year old cool. 


Four is...four is like a little slice of pie on a cheat day. It's. That. Good. 

(Check back in approximately 365 days for 5 year old cool.)

Wyatt is becoming a full blown boy before my very eyes. Most days I catch myself doing the double take of this little person and how grown up he is. It's awesome. He now has a sense of who he is. His likes and dislikes. Shall we look at exhibit A?

Exhibit A: Here you will see a beanie, shades, athletic clothes, socks, and, against my better judgment, Crocs. Let's all just give a moment of silence for this. 
Okay, collected ourselves? Great. It's pure perfection in my eyes. Him deciding how he wants to dress. I mean I cannot argue with him saying the beanie is necessary because the sun is out. Never mind it is triple digits, the boy needs to rock it. And we rock it a lot. See exhibit B. 

Exhibit B: I fixed his hair in a faux hawk before we left the house. Out the door we went this week and on went the beanie. Kudos to Wyatt for nailing that look because I am fairly certain hipsters take hours to achieve it. My kid? All of 3 seconds. 

He thinks his daddy hung the moon. He came home from my parents with 4 tires in hand. They went everywhere with us and if you ask Wyatt what he is going to do when he gets bigger he will say sell tires or work at Beacon. It should also be noted he will also get to pour in the detergent like I do, go into the attic, and paint cabinets.
He thinks wrestling is a mandatory event. Body slamming a must. I catch him wanting to wrestle all. day. long. And if Ryan walked through the door and is not body slamming him on our bed there are tears. Lots of them. 

That's the beauty of four. They're still such babies. Some days are hard for him. Some days he just can't  communicate what is frustrating him and so the best fix for that is alone time with him. See exhibit C. 

Exhibit C: My attempt to diffuse the situation and remind Wyatt that I am actually cool and not the mean mom who always says no. 

I love the way he treats his sister. The way he is protective, loving, concerned, and a straight up turd to her. Their little relationship brings me to tears sometime. It's just the days that are really hard. I kid, I kid. Kind of. The don't completely realize it yet, but their love for one another runs so deep even at 4 and 2. They miss each other when they're separated  and don't even know it. 

Wyatt starts his last year at TLC in a couple of weeks. I'm so sad, but so excited. I am so lucky to get to stay home with them and then be down the hall a few days a week at school. I cannot wait to see the adventures that are ahead of us this next year! What I am certain of, is there are so many laughs that will be had. Let's face it...the apple didn't fall far in the funny department. 

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