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Monday, January 25, 2010

Ring finger's new best friend.

Ryan's left hand ring finger officially has a new best friend. His wedding band came into today and I get to go pick it up at 5. I am extremely excited, but nowhere near as excited as he is. I know he's going to "pull a Sarah" and put the wedding band on frequently like I am known to do from week to week. Granted, I only wear it for a short amount of time, but it's 5 seconds to long apparently. I just like the way it looks...but most importantly what it symbolizes. A commitment. A promise. A vow. A marriage. It's amazing all the things that that little band can exude. I am soo excited to see HIS ring on his finger, rather than the one we tried on. I'll admit I didn't like it at first and neither would anyone else that had a ring 2 inches from their eyes. Ryan, with my suggestion, casually put his hand down by his side and it began to grow on me. Maybe not so much because I LOVED the ring, but because it was becoming one step closer to being official. It could have been a rubberband on his finger for all I cared. I always tease Ryan that if he'd given me a rubberband as an engagement I wouldn't have cared, just so long as I knew we were spending our life together. Yet, since it wasn't a rubberband and instead the ring that he had picked out, we got it. It's going to be perfect and make my fiance that much more handsome. Unfortunately, like most right-handed girls who suddenly do everything with their left once they're engaged, Ryan won't experience that habit. He's a lucky one- already left-handed and ready to show off his band. Maybe I should engrave the date on it like a duck band...the date he was captured. (Going duck hunting has forever changed my views and now I reference it. Strange.) That way, he'll always know how long we've been married. Oh, and to remind him to acknowledge our anniversary each year. I say that, but I know Ryan will remember our anniversary every year. That's just how much faith I have in the man. A lot, because he deserves it.

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