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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Claire 3 months old

Claire is 3 months old!
At 3 months old:
-You are such an early-bird! Your schedule is as follows (starting with bedtime):
...Bedtime is anywhere between 6:00-7 and you take a 5 oz bottle, but it is usually closer to 6:30
... If you wake up "prematurely" it's around 4 and you take your paci and go back to sleep
   5:30-7 you take your first bottle for the day (early bird!!) Anytime after 5:30 you won't stay asleep so we just start your day at that time.
...(Going with a 6:00 morning feeding) You will take a 5oz bottle
...7:00-7:15 you go down for a nap
...9:00 you eat a 5oz bottle
...10:00-10:30 nap time
...12 wake up and eat a 5 oz bottle
...1:00-1:30 nap time
...3 wake up for a 5 oz bottle
...4:30ish you will take a little cat nap that's usually about 20-30 minutes usually play/get held until right at 6:00 when we feed you 5oz and get you ready for bed

This is your schedule...your predictable 3 hour schedule and it makes it so much easier for me and her grandmas that watch her.

 -Found your fists and enjoy chewing on them
-Just chatter away
-You actually sit/lay and watch the tv
-Starting to laugh more
-Take a paci but only to fall back asleep
-Sleep swaddled
-Roll over belly to back
-Are starting to find Wyatt very interesting and even laugh at his antics.
Claire we are so in love with you! These three months have just flown by, but we have enjoyed them so much!

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