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Friday, May 10, 2013

Push Present!

Remember that time I had a little boy and 3 months later I got a Push Present? Well it's 3 months after I delivered a sweet little girl and Ryan gifted me with another car!

I loved my Edge! I loved that new car smell just a little bit more. Seriously does anything smell better than a brand new car!? No. I think not. My Edge was wonderful for us, but when Claire came along we were feeling a little cramped and knew it would likely get worse the bigger they got and the more stuff we had to haul around.

Well my baby daddy is a GOOD baby daddy and got me a 2013 Traverse! I'm super excited about it and kinda sorta feel like I've arrived (pun-intended) as a momma with my third row. Ha!

Thanks Bunney! Now off to enjoy that new car smell until it wears off (or I have another baby and have to go a little bit bigger. Ha!)


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