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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

24 days on AdvoCare - JT's results

Technically I should have wrapped up my 24 day challenge yesterday.

It didn't happen.

I got two days in on the max phase when I got the flu. It was brutal for a few days and during those few days I lived off crackers and soup. It was sad for me because I liked the consistency of what AdvoCare provided. I liked checking off my little boxes of what I had accomplished that day. Even though I did it for only a couple of days I hated jumping back in (like I should have) after so many days off. I still have my supplements which will be used soon! That's life though and it is in no way meant to get you down, you just have to buckle up and prepare to start again. 

My friend who started the same day didn't get the flu and pushed right on through completing his first 24 day challenge!! I am SO proud of him and all his hard work!

He lost a total of 18 pounds and 12 inches!! 

It's not a get skinny quick diet fad so if that's what you're expecting keep moving right along. 

This is teaching you to eat properly, often, while also taking supplements that your body needs. 

Remove all the trash. All the junk. All the stuff your body doesn't know how to process and you'll be amazed at your energy levels. The way you feel physically. The way you feel mentally. It's empowering. 

We incorporated 6 days of working out a week. We are training for a half marathon so running 4 days a week is mandatory. We also do weights to help tone our bodies. I saw the change and I certainly saw the change in my friend. Incredible!

Like I said, this takes hard work and dedication. It takes accountability and it takes the want to. You have to mentally prepare to lose weight the right way. AdvoCare can help you do that 

My co-teacher is still on her 10 day cleanse and has already lost 8 pounds!! She has started incorporating exercise as well and I am so excited to see her at the end. 

She even joined us at our 5:00am workouts!!

My other challenger is trucking along doing awesome!!!

I get so excited seeing these people change their bodies in a healthy way. I hope I can help others put one foot in front of the other and begin to get their life on track in regards to health. 

If you want to join me, please let me help! 

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