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Sunday, March 28, 2010


It’s official. I am now Sarah Nicole Davis, aka, Ryan Davis’s wife. I have been looking forward to this for months and here it finally is. I will no longer be Sarah Milam. A little sad, I know. It’s weird how big of a change that is. I tell Ryan that I cannot wait until I have been Sarah Davis longer than I have been Sarah Milam. Hello 25th wedding anniversary!! Our marriage was legal as soon as we got back from Eureka Springs. My dear husband could not wait to get back and get it recorded. Not even kidding…I wanted to come home, get back, tackle the mound of presents we still had to go through from the wedding and clean up our neglected house, but all that had to wait because Mr. Davis wanted to get that in the books. So adorable. Ryan is so excited to be married; it’s so obvious. He is so cute about little things, and I absolutely love the little things. Case in point: his feelings were actually hurt (he’ll deny that) when I got the opportunity to sign my name for the first time since the wedding and I signed Sarah Milam. Oops. Luckily, he forgave me. The first time he introduced me as his wife, we giggled afterwards. I think we both just like hearing each other being referred to as “husband” and “wife” that we almost just want to make up situations to where we can hear it. We’re just awesome like that.

We had a wonderful stay in our little treehouse cottage in Eureka. They were honestly the epitome of relaxation. Within minutes of being there were so calm, so relaxed, and so in love. It was precious. Definitely a little moment that we would have never had, had we not decided to take a “mini-moon.” Our real honeymoon is going to be an Alaskan cruise in May. It’s soo close and is going to be amazing!! We cannot wait!

I have a confession: My husband is the hottest thing ever- simply because of his wedding band. I love it. I love him. I love our marriage. Our love everything our marriage is going to be. We both know who comes first, God, who comes second, each other, and that everything else falls in after that. I cannot wait to have years and years behind us. It’s hard to believe that there are going to be ups and downs when all you can think about is how at peace things are right now. But, being the realist that I am, I know they are going to happen and that we’ll get through them. Marriage is for a lifetime. No question about it. Luckily, we’ve entered a marriage where both parties are fully aware…and a ton of thanks go to our parents for being an example for us. So, here’s to years and years with Bunney. I’s loves yous, I’s always wills, ands yous gonnas makes a’s greats husbands.

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