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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Baby # 2 is a...

We are so very excited that we are having a daughter!
I have known from the beginning that I was having a girl. Ryan has felt the same way too. So much so that when we found out our boy name, Liam, was the number 1 name in 2012 weeks ago we didn't even give much consideration to what we would name a boy. That convinced.
We had a girl name, Nora Kate picked out. Two days  before finding out Ryan began to question if that's really what we wanted to name her. I think I wanted to punch him in the face! Ha! Our other favorite name was Claire Elizabeth.  Well, this morning my appointment was scheduled immediately after I was to drop Wyatt off at school and I had to know what the baby's name was as soon as we found out. Well, we put both names in a bowl and at breakfast Wyatt got to choose what we would name his sister. Again, that convinced.
He chose the first name and I immediately opened it. It was Nora Kate.
But then he picked up the other and it was Claire Elizabeth.
My little multi-tasker with a muffin in one hand and baby's name in the other.
Since both were opened, I held one in each hand and asked Wyatt which name we should name his baby sister.
He chose:
So here she is...
Our sweet baby Claire Elizabeth!!
We are over the moon about having a boy and a girl! We are truly blessed getting to experience the best of both worlds!!


  1. Congratulations Sarah, such wonderful news!! Bring on the bows!

  2. Congrats! She will be amazingly beautiful. Having a girl is so much fun but costly for sure ;) So many dresses and shoes, oh my!

  3. Congrats! Wyatt and Claire is too cute!! :-)

  4. I like Nora Kate but I think Claire is a great fit. It goes well with Wyatt!

  5. Yay, yay!!! I don't even know y'all but I am over the moon for you!! So exciting!! One of each is so fun!! Congrats!! I love both names, and how perfect to let Wyatt help name his baby sister!!


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