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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Build a Bear

Wyatt had his first Build-A-Bear experience! 
I was actually much more excited than anyone.
We picked a puppy. Well, Wyatt did. He would have actually chose a bright pink kitty if it were up to him, but we learned toward a cute little puppy.
His favorite part was picking out puppy's heart. We are talking we couldn't get him to leave the hearts alone. It was so precious.
We ended up making a birth certificate for the puppy. Ryan and I had to special task of coming up with a name since Wyatt obviously cannot. You want to know what we named him?
Seriously. That's as good as it got. We never claimed to be the most creative couple around.
Even the lady who helped us was probably like what the heck? When she checked us out and read his name she said Dan? We didn't get compliments on his name.
Dan is doing well in the Davis household. We can ask Wyatt to go find Dan and he will go on a mission to find him so at least he respects his name.
And yep, he is quite the contender with Scout but are we surprised??

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