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Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Fall television is so close to starting up!! Revenge and Vampire Diaries are the two I am most excited about. I'm also hoping How I Met Your Mother ends this season.

Does anyone watch Married to Jonas? I love it. I think Kevin is the most considerate husband out there even if it is for the cameras.

I think I like the transition to one nap per day. Wyatt's currently slept for nearly 3.5 hours. Thus, momma get a nap too!

We slept with our bedroom window open last night. Oh wonderful Fall has finally arrived!!

I'm beginning to feel big pregnant. I need to do a post on Pregnancy 1 vs Pregnancy 2 to have a reference for Pregnancy 3.

Yes, pregnancy 3 is an open door. Gasp!

I've got to pick out fabric for Claire's room.

And start my Christmas list so they hubs knows exactly what I want. We aren't much for surprises.

Whenever I see 10:00pm on the clock and I'm not already in the process of getting ready for bed I want to cry. Literally.

Someone special has a birthday this weekend!

Can I express how happy I am that I shouldn't have to wear shorts other than athletic ones until next Spring when my big ole booty will fit properly in them.

I've seriously got to stock up on Fall Scentsy scents ASAP. However, if I could burn Flutter and Skinny Dipping year round I would.

Mom-me from Wyatt is my favorite word of his hands down. The other morning he came running down the hall saying mom-me, mom-me, mom-me and when he found me in the bathroom he hugged my leg. Ryan found me as a pile of mush.

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