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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Claire's birth story

Thursday I had a normal doctor's appointment. It was at 9:30 that morning so luckily we didn't have to wait long to see if I have progressed anymore. I was secretly hoping that I would be at least a 5. I was also hoping that if I was a 5 he would just send me to the hospital because things were starting to get even more painful than what they were downstairs.

I got checked and he said I was a 4-5! Yay for me! He asked if we had our bags packed already and we said packed, but not with us. He then asked if I wanted to have a baby today. Even better! I immediately said yes and he said to get dressed, go get our bags, and he'd call labor and delivery.

We were so excited. We got to the house and finished up our bags and got lovin's from Wyatt. I think this was when the wave of emotions hit me. My sweet baby was going to be a big brother. I shed some tears, but I knew everything was going to be okay.

We said goodbye to Wyatt and Mimi and headed to the hospital. We arrived at 11 and started the paperwork. We got to know our nurse and the Tech student who was helping out.

At 1:00 they started pitocin on me. I started feeling my contractions a little more, but it wasn't anything terrible. At 1:30 the doctor came in an broke my water and not 10 minutes later I was getting prepped to get my epidural.

I guess I had just completely forgotten all about then feeling of an epi, or maybe my first one was a lot smoother. The shot hurt, the electrical shock I felt in my left leg was strange, and all around just a different experience than the first one.

I got checked at 2:00 and was a 6 and an hour later they turned up my pitocin. It was seriously just a very long, boring afternon of watching tv. I told Ryan a couple of times how much I didn't like this part of it. I'm not one for patience. At 4:15 she checked me and I was a 9. She said she would be back in 45 minutes because she figured I would be ready to push by then.

I guess it was about 4:35 or so I started feeling my contractions.

I should back up and say that before she checked me and I was a 9 I noticed I had a ton of control of my legs and could feel me touching my lady parts, stomach, anything. I about started to freak out that I was going to feel everything. Then she checked me and I didn't feel that so I was feeling 100% about the actually delivery!

The strange thing about feeling my contractions was it was only on my left side and the top of my left pubic bone. Those suckers were starting to hurt. My dad and brother had come to check on me and were just hanging out. I was zero fun, mostly just a bia because I was hurting that bad. Finally, I told them they had to leave because I had to call the nurse. I had been watching the clock like a hawk and it was a couple of minutes after 5. Once I kicked them out, I called the nurse's station and told them I needed her to check me. She said she's be "right there." Big lie. It took her about 10 minutes to get into my room and during this waiting period I was shedding a few tears, saying some unlady like words, and just wishing my epidural had worked like Wyatt's.

When she finally got into the room, she apologized profusely and said they had an emergency right as soon as I called. (Which was later verified by my dad who saw her running down the hall as soon as he heard me call into the nurse's station.) She checked me and said the next time I felt a contraction to push and so I did. I pushed that one time and she told me to stop because it wasn't going to take long at all and Claire would be here. As soon as I finished my push the doctor came in and asked if it was time and the nurse said yes so they started prepping him. Then, the burse asked if I cared if the Tech students could watch. I said no, thinking it would be my Tech student from earlier and maybe another one. Wrong. It was my student, one I had seen earlier, the instructor, and 4-5 other students pouring into my room...all while I up in the stirrups. This is when I exclaimed I felt like a freak show. At least they all got a good laugh out it. They said they'd been waiting for a vaginal delivery all day, not c-sections like they had been having. I was their lucky patient. Ha! They gotta learn somehow.

Well, Ryan was to call my mom, his mom, and his dad when I started pushing. Remember I pushed for 2 hours with Wyatt so no one was getting too excited. Well by the time Ryan hung up the phone  I pushed a couple more time and she was here. Yep, a total of 4 pushes in less than 10 minutes.

It was awesome.

I could feel the contractions, the release of pressure during the pushes, everything. I loved it. I even said, I feel her down there and Dr. Escue goes well she's hanging out of you. Literally I looked down and saw he coming out.

The first thing he said was "Look at those cheeks!" The exact same thing he first said when he saw Wyatt. Too funny.

He then said hello to Claire and said we must mean eclaire. He's got jokes.

Ryan and I were both in shock with how much hair she had. We never expected her to have that much. Ever.

They cleaned her up and she weigh a big 8lb 5 oz and was 20 inches long. Our hearts were about to burst. It was such an amazing experience!! Now it was time to introduce big brother to her!


  1. She is so darn cute, congragts again!!

  2. Congrats again! Good birth story

  3. She's just precious!! You had a great delivery!!


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