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Friday, February 15, 2013

First outing with 2

First, I should note that the days of getting up an hour before I have to be anywhere are long gone. Realistically, I'm looking at waking up 2 hours before we have to be out the door. This saddens me more than anything I believe.

Do you see the fear? And thank goodness for self portraits or I would never have noticed my collar.

I had to take Wyatt to school on my own. Ryan's done it the past few times and I've thoroughly enjoyed it, but today I had to step up and be a big girl. I mean mom. We surprisingly did very well! No kids were lost, injured, or crying! I feel like I may be able to survive this mother of two thing. I believe it will get easier with time. I just had to get my feet wet.

After we dropped Wyatt off at school Claire and I went to see Daddy at work and then went to get my tires rotated since Ryan was threatening leaving me if I didn't get it done. We then visited Aunt Kylie and then headed to get Claire's newborn pictures done. She was a little toot at first and didn't want to fall asleep. Once she did I believe we got lots of good pictures of her!

We then grabbed some lunch and headed to get brother. Then...then I conquered Wal Mart with two kids. I didn't have a mental breakdown, but I did only leave with about 5 things. Milk, diapers, formula, a toy, and some fruit/veggie pouches. My cart was filled to the max! Someone please explain to me how you seriously grocery shop with two kids? If I'm doing real shopping you best believe it will only be with one kiddo.

Anyway, I survived the day and it felt sooo good to be outside of the house. We have a birthday party tomorrow. We are truly settling into our roles of parents of two. Woo! 


  1. I admired you. How can you go out with both babies and only you. I went out with the baby and myself today for the first time and it was hard. The cart seat is heavy plus he cries too much. I had to go to the post office and that was it. I wanted to go to JCPenney to buy some jeans but no way, I decided to go another day, and I will make sure i take Luis with me :)
    This is Ingrid Martinez. My first time writing on a blog, not sure if you will see it :)

  2. When I have a lot of shopping to do by myself, I put my older one in the front of the cart and the baby in my Ergo carrier. It seems to work just fine. Good luck!

  3. Same as the comment above, but I used my Moby a lot! Baby happy, momma happy and more room in cart! You did good momma!!


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