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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day

We had big plans for Valentine's Day this year. A big romantic dinner, tons of flowers, and a movie.
Oh, that was just a fantasy, right?
We actually planned to go eat breakfast this morning. Ryan was taking his Valentine and his two babies out to a lovely breakfast and it was going to be great.
Key word there: Was.
Claire was very congested last night. It was pitiful. We both felt so bad for her. We would hear her sneezing and just trying harder than what she should to be breathing clearly. It sucked, frankly.
We woke up way later than what we had intended. Read: not enough time to get myself and two babies ready for breakfast on time and Ryan to work at a reasonable hour.
I threw myself a pity-party.
Oh well...that's real life. Ryan's promised me (us) a breakfast date on Saturday morning and I've pretty much vetoed it. He is so lucky to be married to me, no?
As Ryan left me in tears, literally, to go to work I regrouped and decided it really was going to be okay.
I gave the babies their presents. Wyatt got some clothes, a watch, and some new shades. He is such a cool cat. Claire got some more clothes too, because that's just what she needed.
I should throw in there that we do still have a that got sick this sick I mean as Wyatt and I did laundry I came back into the living room only to see 4 puddles of puke and a sad little puppy sitting by the door. Poor guy. I know he was trying to get outside. He got extra lovin's today and not because it was Valentine's Day.
My little congested girl...I had her sleeping right under the humidifier and it helped her a ton. I even snuck in a nap right beside her. Don't tell Ryan.
We played with our CD player alllll day today.
And my tiny love with her festive bow. We've got newborn pictures tomorrow. Hoping it goes well!
So there was our Valentine's Day. We enjoyed dinner being brought to us and it was good. I'm going to miss getting dinner from church members. That ends next week...then we may try enlisting some grandparents. Ha!
Hope your day was filled with lots of love!

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