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Monday, September 12, 2011

5 months old!

It is so hard to believe that you are a 5 month old!

With each passing day your personality just keeps getting bigger and bigger. You are such a lovable little guy and are really becoming more fun as well. I love that we are able to really interact with you and you are showing true emotions and can basically know when you are having the best time or absolutely bored out of your mind.

At 5 months you are still eating every 3 hours. I would like to start stretching that out a bit, but dear sweet boy you pretty much won’t have it. At that 3 hour mark you are pretty much opening your mouth like a little catfish waiting to be fed. Your eating schedule is like this: 8 oz bottle at 8:00…6 oz bottle + cereal at 11:00…8 oz bottle at 2:00…was veggies, but now we are on to fruits so an entire container of fruits + 3 oz bottle at 5…8 oz bottle at 7:30ish.

You take 3 naps a day and your first nap is usually your long 2 hour nap starting usually no later than 9, followed by two short naps in the afternoon. One close to about 1:00 and then another about 4. This of course varies slightly depending on the day, but is normally about that. Once you wake up at 5 you are up for the rest of the day until your bed time which comes between 8-8:30. We put you to bed, read your Bible, give you kisses and don’t hear from you again until 8:00 the next morning. Occasionally you will wake up at 4, but it’s not even crying just jabbering and kicking your legs and all you want is a new diaper and you are back to sleep, so a big thank you for being such a great sleeper from 3.5 weeks on
Pacis are still just for sleeptime use and we still “pull the plug” as we call it about 5 minutes after you’ve been in your crib. It calms you just enough to help you drift off into your sleep. We took off the bumper from your crib last night because we found you trying to sleep on your belly. I hate that you do that, but I guess it’s part of it.

You love your jumperoo and are a crazy little boy who rolls around everywhere. You can almost sit up by yourself completely, but I wish you would just slow your roll a bit because next comes the crawling and I am seriously going to be on my toes nonstop. Also, I know that you are growing entirely too fast and I’d like to really soak up this “baby” time as long as possible.

You are still in size 3 Pampers and I assume will be for a while. We have phased out all 3-6 month clothes and you are now only wearing 6-9 and 9 month. I’m pretty sure all your clothes will not be fitting and we are going to have to buy you an entirely new fall wardrobe, but shh…we won’t be telling daddy. We bought you some size 3 shoes and they barely fit, so it’s fair to say that you wear a 4. I’m telling you, you are a healthy boy!

You L-O-V-E your puppy Marley. He has become your pal over the last few weeks and it is so cute. He is learning to have more patience with you, especially when you decide to eat his face. He is also very, very willing to give you lots and lots of kisses…mouth kisses at that.

You have been an absolute joy to not only me, but of course your daddy as well. We look forward to the next month and all the surprises you will have in store for us!

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