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Thursday, September 15, 2011


This past Friday we left for St. Louis to go to the Braves and Cardinals games sans-baby. What the heck were we thinking?! I think when we initially decided to go about 3 months ago that I felt that I would be ready for a mini-vacation. I looked forward to it, in fact. A couple days away from mommy responsibilities sounded dirty diapers, no bottles to clean, no playing on the floor for endless hours, etc. just real adult time with my love.

My mom and dad kept Toot McGoot so we stayed the night with them Thursday so I could get every ounce of lovin’ in on Wyatt until the moment we left. We headed out at 10. The Buchanans joined us also, leaving little Mia in the A-R also.

It was a long, long drive up there and once we arrived we had to pretty much get ready to go to the game then. It was a really good game, but we didn’t win. Actually we didn’t win either games that we watched, but whatever. At least they were entertaining. We only sat 25 rows up and under an awning so it was perfect.

Saturday we woke up and had breakfast at a cute little restaurant called Roosters. What’s funny is we were really impressed with our food at first and even shortly after the meal. But, later in the day, I told Ryan that “now that I think about it, I really didn’t care for my breakfast.” You win some, you lose some I guess, but we will probably not ever go back.

After breakfast, Ryan and I went to the Arch. Let me preface by saying that my husband is deathly afraid of heights. Seriously. He is scared to death. He must seriously love me though because he was very willing to go up in the arch. What didn’t help was the fact that we had to wait close to an hour to go up in it. When we were finally in line, about to enter the death chamber capsule to go up, you would have thought Ryan had dipped his hands in a bucket of water. Poor thing, I wasn’t sure he was going to make it, but once we got up there he was great. He even looked out the windows! He was a little on edge though…a little skittish, but that’s to be expected. We took the first ride back down (it runs every 10 minutes) so we really hung out 650 ft above the Earth for a long time can’t you tell?

Once we were safely on the ground and walking back, Ryan was literally skipping along. He felt so accomplished. So proud. I just let him gloat. We then went to a late lunch at Charlie Gittos. Holy Moly! So very, very good. Ryan hates Italian…It’s my favorite. This is another way that I know that he loves me because when asking someone who lives in the area for the best place to eat, he was A-OK with the Italian restaurant suggestion. It definitely didn’t disappoint! We will definitely go back next time we are there.
And we like to do prom poses from 1992.

We went to the game later that night and lost again. Seriously, the Braves lost alllll 3 games. I’m not sure what the heck is up with that, but it is not okay in our book. However, we proudly wore our Braves t-shirts once we went out on the town that night. It was fun to go out in a different place to an actual fun bar. I got to get my dance on which I hadn’t done in a couple months so we had a great time. Ryan and I stayed out longer and headed to the piano bar, but quickly grew tired of that and were ready to head to bed. We stay out real late nowadays. 1 o’clock used to be nothing back in the day. But now? Now I am craving my bed by the time. Plus, the quicker we went to bed the quicker we would wake and leave to see Wyatt.
I loved the little time away. The only thing I hated was the fact that I saw so many babies…everywhere at the game. What got me the most was I knew that we could have brought Wyatt and he would have been fine. Next year, we are taking Wyatt to his first Major League Baseball game. He will be proudly sporting his Braves gear and hopefully we will be leaving with a couple W’s.

It never felt so good to get back to Wyatt. Ryan and I argued who was getting to hold him first. I, of course, won that argument. What’s funny is Wyatt could have cared less that we were even gone, much less how excited we were when we got back home. That’s what grandparents are for though, right? To make them feel completely comfortable and happy so that they don’t realize mommy and daddy aren’t around. My parents did great with him, but I never questioned that they would.

I can say that we will stick to our one night overnight trip for Wyatt each month. Next month Nana will be keeping him and this time I won’t be 6 hours away. Thank. The. Lord.


  1. Justin is SO afraid of heights himself. He was getting light-headed just looking out the windows in the arch! He also couldn't handle looking straight down from our seats at the game.. we sat pretty high up to try to catch foul balls. Sounds like ya'll had a good time besides being away from the little guy!

  2. Okay the 1992 Prom Pose cracked me up!!! That's a riot. You guys are so cute


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