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Friday, September 2, 2011

September Goals

So here it is September, but you wouldn't know that because it is 100 degrees (give or take). I dream of cooler weather but I'm beginning to think it is just a figment of my imagination. Please, please don't let that be the case!!

I have decided to set up a few goals for myself this September and what better way to hold my self accountable than to put it on my blog?

1. Finish Christmas shopping for everyone else besides Ryan and Wyatt. Did you notice the word finish and not start? That's right...we've already successfully started Christmas and are half way done with it. We like about 5 more gifts for everyone besides ourselves. Even Wyatt is beginning to get a good little stash going and it feels nice to have the list made out of things we want to get him.

2. Continue working out 5 days a week. So far, this week I have worked out 4 of the 6 days. Tomorrow I plan to work out to get to numero cinco. Go me. I am enjoying the number on the scale, I'd just like to be more toned.

3. Make sure Ryan has a great 30th birthday.

4. Catch a fly ball at the Braves game.

5. Read at least one book, maybe two.

Five goals for one month should be sufficient right? I don't want to go overboard on my first rodeo. Next month, we will see how I did. Wish my luck. Ha.

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  1. We are close to being finished Christmas shopping for our families already too! I just need to figure out some other things I need to get Justin and then we will be complete! Along with your goals- Justin freakin missed the same foul ball TWICE at the game Saturday!! It was headed straight for my face, I felt and he, of course, "knew" he was going to get the ball. Well he jumped and it went about 2 inches over his fingertips, bounced of the empty seat 2 two rows behind us, and went back over his head (where he missed it the second time) and into some kids hand! He was devasated. I told him he was probably going to be on the "not top 10" on ESPN.. haha! ;-)


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