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Thursday, October 4, 2012

2012 Trike Derby

Yesterday we got to attend Wyatt's first Trike Derby at his school!
It was so fun to watch him along with his little classmates.
It's these moments that make me so utterly thankful that I have the opportunity to attend "school" stuff. These are moments that I absolutely treasure. I am so thankful for a hard working husband that is able to provide for us in order for me and him to be involved with everything Wyatt is involved in.
I love this picture of Wyatt...
Don't you think he looks like a 50 year old man, chillin' on his motorcycle, probably cat callin' haha.
After the race the kiddos had a pit stop. All those laps around the track will make one thirsty!
Oh I am so in love with this little boy!!

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