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Friday, October 5, 2012

My mommy instinct

Wyatt was having a hard time at school. Think meltdows when I dropped him off and wandering aimlessly when I picked him up. It was heartbreatking. I knew he wasn’t happy and it became more and more obvious as the weeks went on. Finally, he teachers dropped the bomb that he wasn’t as happy as he could be. (No crap…if only they had told me awhile back when I asked “how was his day” and all I got was a “good.”)I will leave my actual rant about that off the blog, but I ended up talking to the director the following day he was at school to figure out a plan. I confess, I had already called a different place to see if they had an opening just in case. I was that determined to find somewhere else for my little one so that maybe he would actually be happy. I was mostly concerned because Wyatt wasn’t this way with his old teachers during the summer and it just progressively became worse. Not okay. I was also informed that my kid played with one toy in the room he was in. One. That, too, was not okay. I think the biggest issue was that he was in a class with babies. He is one of the oldest in his class and clearly the biggest. When I spoke to the director I told her he was bored. He had nothing in common with the younger babies (by younger I mean 6 months and up). He had nothing to stimulate him at all. Our prayers over the 2 days since the bomb drop was answered because they had an opening in the next class up and a kid was absent that day so he could “test” it out.
Thank you, Lord.
He adjusted very well! He sat at the table in a little chair with the other kids who are I think up to a little over 2 for lunch and even napped on a mat just fine. He was in a crib in the other room, but did just fine with the floor mat. I picked him up and he was a different kid. His entire demeanor was different. It definitely made my heart smile.
When I dropped him off Tuesday he went right to playing. I put his stuff up and walked out of there without so much as a whimper. When I picked him up he was playing with other kids. This was exactly what he needed. His teacher told me he whined a little bit, mostly due to not getting to do something he wanted, but all in all he had another great day. He is officially moved up to the new class and we are so very, very thankful. I love his school, but if it wasn’t the right fit for Wyatt we would have moved him in a heartbeat. I’m so very happy that he gets to stay there and we have seemed to figure out the problem.
There were lots and lots of tears shed over this. A lot of them were due to being pregnant, because I honestly don’t think I would have been that ridiculous if I wasn’t with child. But man, when it comes to your kid you can’t help but become emotional…or a complete mama bear. 

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