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Sunday, October 14, 2012

DU Family Night

This week has been a somewhat lonely week for myself and Wyatt. Ryan had been working every night putting the finishing touches on the Arkansas River Valley Ducks Unlimited Family Night. It was the first time the chapter had put together a family oriented/kid friendly event and it turned out so good!

Ryan is the chairman this year so he was more stressed out than his normal just being on the committee. All of their hard work paid off because there was a great turn out and all the kids had a great time!

We are looking forward to the New Years banquet now...but not to being a single mom again!

Wyatt had fun too getting to run around, play baggo, picking ducks, and shot gun shells for his Pawpaw. It started at 5:30 and by 8:30 my little man was dunzo. It didn't help that he wanted to do what HE wanted the entire time which was to spin the wheel of fortune type wheel. His Mimi so nicely brought him home to bathe him and put him to bed shortly after it was clear he was done. Dad and I stayed for the raffles- my favorite part! Dad won a DU framed picture, 2 boxes of skeet, a half gallon flask and mug, and a canteen. I won a bag, box of skeet, sign, 2 DVDs, and... 2 guns!
Seriously. I was so excited!! We almost didn't win either! Ryan handed me the bags with the raffle tickets when Wyatt and I got there and never even mentioned the tiraffle tickets that were in there and at the very end dad asked me which bags were his and I looked through them and we noticed my two bags still had all out raffles in them. Ryan should have told me!! It clearly would have been his fault and not mine if I hadnt put them in there in time.

It was a fun night with great food! I am looking forward to next year too when Wyatt will hopefully be big enough to stay and "win" for us!!
Think I could enter him in some baggo tournaments?

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