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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pumpkin Patch 2012

Today, we took Wyatt to Schaefers Pumpkin Patch.
It's safe to say we will not be returning.
"Our" pumpkin patch (you know the one we went to once) closed this year and I was pretty sad about it. We were planning to go to a different one, but decided to go to the one that was closer to us. I regret that decision, but hey, we learned a lesson of which patch to avoid next year.
No offense to anyone who enjoys this pumpkin patch, I was just seriously disappointed in it.
Wyatt didn't seem to mind it so I guess that's what matters. He got to play on the playground and enjoyed the slide while we waited on the hayride .
When we got to the actual patch we booked it to the other side in "no man's land" to try and find us a big pumpkin.
We (Ryan) hauled that puppy all the way back and then we were on the search for Wyatt's perfect pumpkin.
He found it! Doesn't he look so proud?
Our family picture...our last pumpkin patch photo of a family of 3. So weird!
And here are our pumpkins- momma's big one, Wyatt's little orange one, and the green one with a broken stem for Claire. I think Wyatt did pretty good.
I am looking forward to next year at a much better patch with both my babies and hubby!!
I couldn't resist...this was last year.
First notice my little squishy 6 month old and second, those beautiful pumpkins. Both such a distant memory... Ha!

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