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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Girly stuff

Girly stuff is starting to pop up here and there in the Davis household. Ryan kind of likes to turn a blind eye to it all. Im not 100% sure he has still come to terms with the fact that he is having a daughter and chances of her being just like me are pretty high. Ha!

We have picked out her bedding and I have even made a couple of bows.

I sorta kinda like Wyatt's 2-3 hour daily naps. I can actually get a lot done and I happened to make this bow holder for Claire during one of them.

I have also made her a onesie!
And yes, that's my baby bump at the bottom of the picture. It's starting to get in the way a little bit...

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  1. How adorable! I will admit that after 2 boys, Charlie has a ton of girly stuff.
    She has a ton of hair stuff, baby dolls, etc. However, we did keep her room not way girly pink. One wall is brown and the others are blue but we maybe changing that soonish!
    Girl shopping is a ton of fun. :) Especially when they can wear


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