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Saturday, July 31, 2010


The last day of July. Can you really believe that it is almost August already? The summer is nearly over...surprisingly, I'm not too upset by it. Fall is right around the corner and that only means my favorite things: Ryan's birthday, my birthday, football, crisp weather, and holidays! Bring it on!!

We had a wedding to go to in Paris today. One of my bridesmaids, Tranisa, was getting married to her sweetheart Andrew. We arrived in Paris an hour and half early because we had to deliver tires as well. Such the multi-taskers, I know. We located the church and as I told Ryan, because we were driving circles around it (on purpose), we really had to quit stalking the church. There was no way we were going to the church an hour early, which the hubs would have been perfectly okay with that. We are working on etiquette to this day! Ha! While waiting, we grabbed some cheesesticks, a Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper, and a Peach Sweet Tea for me. I also did some more mult-tasking by plucking Ryan's eyebrows. How lucky he is to have me!! After our little snack we cruised around the big town of Paris and ended up here:

Kathie's Korner...aka...the antique store in Paris. As we are approaching the enterance, my hubby asks, "Do you know what we just became today, honey?" Me, "No, what?" Hubby, "Antiquers!" It was true. At 24 and 28 we managed to become antiquers going through 3 different rooms of "treasures" actually admitting that we wanted this or wanted that. It was so entertaining. I love our life and our adventures.

Tranisa was a beautiful bride!

We had a good time being there, sharing this day with them, and eating wedding cake!

My favorite! I am almost convinced that my poor husband wishes I didn't like desserts as much as I did. Oh the spare time we would have if I didn't always have to have desserts! Side note: Last night we tried Pile High Desserts...frozen yogurt...10 different flavors and 40 different toppings...and located next to Pudgy Pig. Amazing! Even though we didn't get Pudgy Pig this time we definitely will the next visit.

This is our family portrait for July. Yes, we are a beautiful little family. In my opinion and that of our parent's!

We had a great late lunch/early dinner with Darren and Kate in Ft. Smith. Being half way to Ft. Smith we decided to have a double date with them since we haven't seen them since the wedding and Kate and I keep saying we need to get together, so we did and had a great time! I love them so much! Hopefully we will be attending their wedding before too long!

One last picture for the month of July: me and my gorgeous hubby!


  1. Cute pics! Cousin Darren!!! I haven't seen cousin Darren in a while! He better get down here and see Ayla soon or I will not let him be her cousin anymore! Ha

  2. He better get down here and visit her! He doesn't know what he's missing out on!


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