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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

You've Got Mail

Surprises are NOT my thing. In fact, I cannot stand them. I’m not sure what it is about them, but I feel l as though they are pure torture. However, I do believe that I don’t like surprises simply because I know that I am getting it. That’s when the suspense and the guessing games emerge. Ryan and I are TERRIBLE at surprises. Whenever we have a surprise for each other we end up saying, “I have a surprise for you!” followed by, “What is it?” followed by, “(whatever guesses we have)” followed by, “no guess again.” Until we start giving out hints and then the surprise is no longer a surprise.

Now, surprises that are unexpected are more of my thing. For example, surprises in the mail. Cards from my mom (Yes, she lives in Dardanelle, but she knows that I like mail!), our mortgage statement, water bills, magazines, anything in the mail. I love checking the mailbox everyday and actually get a little upset whenever Ryan checks it before me. He has learned that when he does check it, to place all contents back in, and let me re-check it. He helps me out as best he can with my slight case of OCD. That’s love.

Today, I received a gift that made me feel special. A book, “To Have and To Hold” which is a “newlywed keepsake” from local businesses…a title company, a heating and air company, a hotel, and a pharmacy…that apparently have these books published. It was a great surprise and I love stuff like this! Throughout the book it has places to fill out a family tree, birth records, a synopsis of the Bible and how it relates to marriage. There are 8 pages of what Committed Love is…shared values, fidelity, respect communication, etc. It’s a great little book and something that definitely reminds me that there are still people out there with good morals and values. I knew having faith in people was a good thing.

This was a great little surprise to get in the mail. I think it may be the highlight of my day.

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