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Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Whirlwind of a weekend, yet again.
Friday night we had a movie date with Haley and Jay. What else would we see, but Eclipse of course. It was a great movie, even Ryan would agree. He is totally “Team Jacob,” and will definitely be sporting the shirt (thanks to Jay) at our movie date with them again at Breaking Dawn. After the movie we ventured over to Wal-Mart to buy our American flag that Ryan has been practically begging to have for days now. I don’t think he could have gotten up earlier enough Saturday morning to get them on the mailbox. I promised him when we get our house built that he can have a FLAG POLE. I am such a nice and patriotic wife.

Saturday morning we cleaned the house, tag-teaming it like usual. We headed off to mom and dad’s mid-afternoon to swim with friends and to eat. It wouldn’t be July 4th without tons and tons of food, right? We all stuffed our little bellies until we were beyond miserable. Later that night we ended up going to watch the UFC fight. I honestly tolerate this stuff simply because I don’t understand it. I can’t fathom why someone would want to be beat to a bloody mess? However, Ryan likes it and I get to chit-chat it up with the girls so I don’t really complain.

Sunday, we got up, headed to church and then ate lunch. After getting home from that we crashed. Crashed hard. Almost a 2.5 nap. It was superb, there was no denying that. We then headed to Ryan’s mom and Jackie’s house for even more food. Unfortunately, we didn’t really didn’t get to stay long because we had made plans to go out on the lake with friends. So we loaded up and headed out. There, my lovely husband showed some mad knee-boarding skills. I was sad that there wasn’t a wakeboard, but I can’t have it all as my husband tries to remind me. Ha! I did settle for some tubing with Ryan. He promised not to let me perish and he held true to his word. We stayed out and watched the fireworks, which we pretty. I love, love the crackling ones and luckily I got to hear them. Aww, happy fourth! So thankful for our freedom, as we all should be. We got a little sad though, simply because we didn’t have our baby. To be honest, we’ve never had our baby on the fourth. Mimi and Papaw always want the baby on weekends so we tend to let him go…therefore, he misses some stuff we us, but we always know that he is in good hands. We all decided to go eat Waffle House. Actually, to be honest, I should say they…I just tagged along knowing that it was going to make me sick later. And, in fact, it did. Yuck---Waffle House is only good after a loooong night. End of story. Poor Ryan had to work Monday, so that stunk that we got in so late. I was secretly very happy that I would be getting to sleep in and have a productive day. THAT was the plan.

It hardly turned out that way. I set my alarm clock for 9:30 because I didn’t want to get too much sleep and have trouble getting to sleep that night. I didn’t even make it to my alarm. I was up and out of bed by 9, ready to conquer the day. I had a massive to do list: laundry, grocery store, catch up on my reading, picking up the house again, picking up the baby, making a fabulous lunch for the hubs, cooking a fabulous dinner, and making a yummy dessert. This was all part of the master plan. Well, I did one load of laundry, got groceries, made Ryan what he wanted for lunch, made mom meet me with the baby in Russellville, made cupcakes, and Mexican Chicken for dinner. Not quite the day I had hoped for. I did have a major epiphany though: I’m not sure I have it in me to be a full blown housewife. I actually know I couldn’t. I would be morbidly obese thanks to my inability to not eat all day. I eat out of boredom. Terrible, I know. But that seems to be all I did was munch on stuff and lay on the couch and watch True Life. Even Marley was bored out of his mind!! He just snoozed away next to me. Poor thing. The only positive was that I took him out twice in about a 4 hour span. I’m not sure he knew what was going on or why this day was so special. (It must have really blown his mind when mommy was the one who took him out to potty at night. In the Davis household, we solve problems by means of Rock, Paper, Scissors. I almost always win. However, tonight I was off. Way off. I lost and I am convinced the only reason was because I stayed at home all day and lost my rhythm. Dang me.) Anyway, my Mexican Chicken and Confetti cupcakes we delicious. So much so, Bunney told me twice supper was really, really good and he ate 4 cupcakes. Oh, and the sandwich I made him at lunch with fresh tomatoes, you know…the one made with love, was the best sandwich he has ever ate. Beat that!

I long for another vacation day…but only if Ryan gets to have one with me.

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