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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Donut Allowance

My husband, the considerate one. Ryan knows that I have a bit of a weakness when it comes to a certain unnecessary food item. Behold my friend, the donut(s). I try really, really hard to swing by West Main Donuts only once in a two week span. I am usually very successful at this too. However, I got some last week and this week. I like to think that because my hunger is out of control, as is my craving for pure sweetness in the A.M., that letting it slide this time is okay. I act like this is a huge problem. That eating donuts is absurd and something I should be ashamed of. Maybe if I was overweight and completely unhealthy, then yes. I should be ashamed. But, since I am “an insurance underwriter’s dream,” a couple donuts a week won’t hurt. Not yet at least. (For the record, I purchased life insurance last week and had my physical done yesterday. After answering questions, weighing me, asking questions about my health and physical activity, I was dubbed the dream. Yes, of course I told my husband he has a true gem for a wife.) The part where Ryan is really looking out for momma is this: I never have cash. Never. So, whenever I wake up in the morning (okay, in reality, it’s planned the night before) intending to get donuts, I get into Ryan’s wallet and take $2. Just enough to cover my habit. I always tell him I am taking it and actually get upset when he has only five, tens, or twenties. I just need those 2 measly dollars. Why don’t you just use your debit card you may ask? Simple. I hate using a debit card for such small purchases. Oh and, as the checkbook balancer of the family, I hate seeing my addiction written down. Ha! Well, last week we had just left somewhere and he handed me three dollars, smiled and said, for your donuts next week. How sweet is that? Always looking out for me, trying to be a couple steps ahead. I have taught him well!


We visited some family at my father-in-law’s last night. It was good eating! Even though I don’t like steaks, Ryan did a really good job cooking them! And, I’m not just saying that because I was forced to take a bite of his. If the texture of steak wasn’t so unbearable for me, I would actually eat it and probably enjoy it. Well, tonight was a big night for Marley. He was meeting Miller. Miller is a poodle that was rescued by Ryan’s cousins. Marley is known for never meeting a stranger. Be a German Sheppard or a Chihuahua, Marley wants to instantly become their bff. We adore his carefree spirit and his ability to capture anyone’s heart. Within in minutes of pulling up, getting out, walking to the porch, and Ryan going inside to start prepping the steaks, we had already had an accident. Not that Marley and Miller didn’t like each other or anything like that. They had just taken their friendship to a whole new level. Both being boys, they were marking their territories together. Marley decided to go poop and Miller couldn’t resist bumping into him. I like to think they were “boys being boys” horsing around, playing. Well, I guess Marley came out the victor, because before we knew it, Miller was covered in poop. What we thought was oil from my car, since that’s where the accident happened, turned out to be so much more. At first, we didn’t know whether to laugh or not, but then how could you not. All of us were dying laughing. It was truly a sight to see. There really is a first time for everything. First time Marley pottied on another dog, success. Hopefully there won’t be another time though. I am just thankful, that Marley wasn’t the one on the other end of the stick. I’d hate to be cleaning poo off him, the day after he got a bath! We can’t imagine life without that baby, wouldn’t want to even try.

Here the babies are...Marley and poop accident.
Today, my parents are celebrating their 27th wedding anniversary. Happy anniversary to them!! We are very lucky to have a shining example of what we aspire to be. I can’t wait until we cross that one year, 10th year, 25th year, and 50th year mark. I can’t wait to look back and see how far we’ve come. We are chugging right along though, quickly approaching the 4 months of marital bliss ourselves. How in the world did those 4 months sneak past us is beyond me. I remember when four months prior to the wedding it seemed light years away. Time flies when you’re married and in love.

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