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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Marley turns 2!

Today, our baby Marley Phoenix turned the big 2!

With mommy and daddy.

Birthday boy!

Ready for those babies!

It’s a little ridiculous how we treat this dog. He is our baby though, so I believe we shall continue to celebrate it as though he is human with party hats and birthday presents! Not to mention cake for mommy and daddy…

Last night we got Marley all ready for his big day. First, we went and bought him new babies. We bought a cow from momma and ice cream cone squeaky from daddy. It’s a competition to see whose baby Marley will like more…last year I was defeated so I am hoping for a victory this time! We gave him a bath so he would feel all fresh and pretty when he woke up. We allowed him to sleep in the bed (a habit we (I) have been trying to break for about a month now) so he knew something was up. When mommy lets the baby sleep in the bed and actually brings him to bed with me, something must be up. So we snuggled up with daddy and went to sleep.

Then, out of nowhere, at 1:30 this morning we heard the doorbell ring. In a sleepy daze I think we both heard it but thought we were dreaming. DING. Nope, this wasn’t a dream…someone was really ringing our doorbell this early in the morning. Ryan, being the man of the household that he is, answers the door. (Truth: He was as paranoid as I was about getting up and going to the door.) To our relief, it’s our dear neighbor relaying the bad news: Laney, our outside dog, has been ran over…he thinks. Terrible, terrible feeling not knowing whether or not for sure your dog has been ran over, but when he tells you that he heard her squealing and she is nowhere to be found you get worried. My poor little Laney. I was instantly sick and when our neighbor and Ryan went looking for her I scrambled to get dressed so that I could help out. With no luck after a little more than 30 minutes we decided to go back to bed. I was extremely upset thinking I would never see poor Laney Marie again. I was even more sick knowing that she was hurt and alone somewhere in the woods. When I woke up the next morning, I expected (and hoped) to see Laney waiting beside her food bowl, ready for breakfast. To my disappointment, she wasn’t. I instantly got Ryan out of bed to go look for her. I just knew that she had gone off to pass. With no luck once again, we left for work, hoping she would show up in a few days.

A little after 10, Ryan received a call from our neighbor saying that Laney had showed up, was under their vehicle, but was bleeding. Ryan and I both left work to go get our baby. I arrived first…bad thing…I was so sad to see little Laney under the vehicle beaten up, but wagging her tail happy to see momma. I talked to her and told her it was going to be okay and she believed me. When Ryan arrived we finally got her over to the house and loaded up into the truck. I know she was in so much pain. While scrambling in the house to get her ready to go, poor Marley was so neglected. He just wanted to be played with, bless his heart. He had no idea that big sister was beaten and banged up from a loser across the street. It’s a rule that if you hit an animal---one that has to be a pet---you stop, check on it, and find an owner or speak to someone so that they are aware of it. If it hadn’t been for our neighbor, we wouldn’t have known and it could have been a lot worse. Luckily, we live by some great people! So, off to the vet we go with Laney in the back seat looking pitiful. Pitiful. We got her to the vet and left her there to get sedated, cleaned up, and vaccinated...yes, we took advantage of the convenience of having her there. $175 later…our Laney is going to be fine…she just needs some major TLC, but that’s what momma is for.

I like to think that she wasn’t being careless, but in fact, was just being a big sister…a typical sibling. You know, the one that has to get a present when it’s the other child’s birthday. Laney just didn’t realize how desperate she was actually being. It’s humorous for me to think this way. Dogs are silly little things. I love them dearly and cannot wait to have about 2 more.

So, Laney came out a survivor today and Marley enters the teenage years. Today ended up being a great day. My babies are going to be fine! Thank you, Lord!

Marley Bug checking up on Laney when we got her home.

Happy birthday, Marley! We shall let this one go down in the books!

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