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Sunday, June 12, 2011

5th Annual Trout Fishing Trip

Every year we go trout fishing with my family on the White River...this was the first camping trip that we threw a baby in the mix and let me just say that he did awesome. We are blessed with such a wonderful baby. I was painfully nervous about how he was going to do...camping, heat, sun, and a new place to sleep could potentially equal a disaster, right? Well not with our perfect baby! We arrived early Friday afternoon and set up camp. Luckily, we had our own camper so it was a lot easier. It was downright ridiculous how much we brought for Wyatt. This was his first overnight trip (a two night on top of that) and so we seriously packed up the entire house it felt like. However, the only thing we felt like we forgot was the stroller. Not bad for the first time parents! He didn't nap for anything unless you were holding him, which of course was not a problem with his Mimi around! He slept his normal 8 hours during the night without so much as a peep. We are so thankful he did well and that we had a fun (successful) trout fishing trip!
Loaded up and ready to go!

 His first sleep away from home in his little bed.

Mommy and Daddy:

 I got him up from a short nap and apparently gave him his first booboo. I, being the dork that I am, documented it. I felt and kissed it plenty of times telling him I was sorry. I assume my ring scratched him, but today it doesn't look near as bad and he didn't even seem to be phased by it in the least.

 Wyatt's first trip to the White River!

 Love my little family!
 Normally my dad gets three guided boats. One for us, one for my brother and guest, and one for my parents. We start fishing at 7 in the morning, meet for lunch, and then finish up fishing that afternoon about 3:30 or so. It is a full day of fishing and we love it. This year though, Ryan and I started out in the morning fishing with my dad and Mimi watched Wyatt. We came in for lunch and mom went out with dad while we stayed with Wyatt. While we only got to fish half a day it was still a lot of fun and sadly I got out-fished. This will never happen again. Ever. Here is one of the fish Ryan caught.

 Us with our boys!...They obviously don't care about looking at a camera.
2 years ago, on this same trip, Ryan asked my dad for permission to marry me...look where we are now!

While the rest of the family was fishing we took Wyatt to see the peacocks at Gastons...he was snoozin' so we actually enjoyed it. Unbeknownst to me, I speak peacock was was able to get this little guy to puff up. Glad I did!
 Before we left his morning we took pictures of "all the kids."

Here's the "Boys Club" as they dubbed themselves! Very cute!

I can't wait for next year's fishing trip! Wyatt will definitely be keeping us on our toes!

Our little guy is 2 months old! Ah! Two month shots are tomorrow- wish us luck!

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