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Thursday, June 23, 2011


I finally made it to The Cake Place here in town today to try some of the desserts. I will confess that while I was excited to try them I was setting myself up for disappointment because really, how great can a cupcake be?

I bought 3 thinking I needed at least a little variety. From left to right they are Black & White, Strawberry, and Salted Caramel Chocolate.
 Now, the two chocolate cupcakes are good, but there is nothing spectacular about them to be honest..just very, very chocolatey. The strawberry was down-right delicous. I actually wish that I hadn't told Ryan I would save half of them for him. I could have gobbled it up in a second, but decided to be nice. I believe they change the flavors everyday and so far Thursday's Strawberry is my fave. I will definitely try the others though. I stopped by Ryan's work after I bought these and in conversation he asked, "How much were those?"... "$8.10"..."Why don't you not go out buying that stuff and use your gym membership instead?"..."Shut up." End of conversation. We are so in love can't you see? Haha, I'm glad he approves of my $15 pie, $8 cupcakes, and the 2 pieces of pie I bought Monday night. He's probably right...I should use my gym membership a little more than what I do. Let me confesss (embarrasingly enough) what not having a period in a year will do to you: you will completely forget what PMS symptoms feel like. You're not "getting fat" and instantly decide to join a dear, you are actually just bloating and when Aunt Flo does show up, you will no longer be that chubby girl you feel like, but instead slender again. Who would have thought? Also, I cry a lot easier now...I am a straight-up nightmare to be around when I get in my "moods" and while this moods are crappy they will last for a short while. 12 months without these symptons and annoyances were great...but, it's back to the real world now. Gag.

And here's what I left the dear husband... It's all about sharing...Like how I really "shared" the Strawberry?? (Told you it was good.)

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