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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

On coupons...

Now, to clarify, I would never be so bold as to say that I am a "couponer." I mean, I've used coupons, yes. But today for some reason it just clicked.

I know everyone has seen the whole Extreme Couponing and personally I think it's a tad bit on the pathetic side. Do you really need 500 boxes of tampons that you are never going to use? Or 150 vitamin waters? Or what about the Pork 'N Beans that are going to expire  before you can even think to touch them. Unless you are donating these items, which some people do (kudos to them) then seriously you do not impress me.

I get the "stockpiling" with certain items, but to have an entire room or even your garage dedicated to your own personal store I kind of don't get. But regardless of my feelings towards it I am all about saving some money.

Today, while the baby was asleep I went through my paper from Sunday and got all the coupons cut out of the stuff we actually use. That's key, in my opinion. Then, I randomly went through our "junk" that we get in the mail and saw the ad from Family Dollar. "Hot Sales" on certain items it claimed so of course it struck my curiosity. Um, hello...there were items in here on sale and I had a coupon for them. It clicked...I could get deoderant for both me and Ryan (the kind we use--we may or may not be brand-loyal on some things) for a buck twenty-five. I could get 2 12 packs of Dr. Pepper and Diet Dr. Pepper for $5 when at Wal-Mart they are over $5 for one. Insanity.

We spent $28.56 tonight, and my savings? $15.20. I most definitely call that a success. I love that I got all this name brand stuff for way less than what I thought I would. And, the way I see it...28.56 divided by 13 items is 2.20 a piece. In my book, that's not bad at all..
Even the lady who checked us out noticed...she rang up my total...took my coupons...and then saw my savings and said, "Your savings today?...You saved a lot!" Yes, kudos to me. I know to some $15 isn't much, but to me and the hubs...that's almost a container of Enfamil. Ha!
We'll see how our next shopping trip goes!

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