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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

14 weeks

14 weeks old!

New things at 14 weeks:

-Wearing size 3 diapers

-Like your jumperoo and the “activities” on it

-Came sooo close to rolling over back to belly on Sunday evening

-We can put you down on a blanket and you will scoot all over the place…like off the blanket which happened last night

-Will be having your first overnight trip without mommy or daddy this weekend. I am scared to death and will probably end up going to get you (so Mimi don’t be offended…it’s not you it’s me)

-At 13 weeks you officially were no longer a one armed swaddled blanket sleeper. You're such a big boy now. Ha!

Today, we got this cute gift in the mail. I love anything monogrammed, but I really, really love that it has his entire middle name! Precious! You just can't go wrong with Pottery Barn kids.

Also, for my own personal reminder...I feel like I am going through labor all over again. I let it be known to my two pregnant best friends that the first few times Aunt Flo comes to visit it hurts. Like big time. Think contractions all over again. I'm not so sure if it's that bad, or if I'm just not use to period cramps because I never really had them, but these suckers I could live with out...

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