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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Weekend Re-Cap

I hate that it's already time for another work week. Gag...

I survived my first week back to work. I actually did really well. It is so reassuring knowing that I have a happy, smiling baby at home. Of course, like any other mother, I want all those smiles to be for me. The first day was pitiful, but each day it got progressively easier for me and by Friday it was like I had been doing it for weeks. We time it perfectly so I know when each feeding starts and I can plan to either be home to give him a bottle or a little while after to play with him. It works out great. I am also lucky that I have two wonderful mothers who are willing to stay and watch him. It took lots of convincing you know... We are still planning to cut my working to part time in the very near future, but for right now I am actually okay being a working mom.

This weekend Ryan headed out of town for a bachelor and golfing was on the agenda so I knew Bunney was going to have a great time. Aside from the heat how could he not hanging out with his best friends? I adore all these guys and think they are wonderful friends to Ryan. I look forward to seeing them all and their wifeys for a wedding in a couple weeks!

I was secretely thrilled (probably the one and only time) that Ryan was going to be gone because it meant I had Wyatt all to myself! Terrible, huh? After working all week I was definitely craving a full day weekend with my little man.

Saturday we had plans with my best friends to head to up to see our friend Lakin and sweet Tinley again. This time she was awake and we all got some lovin's on her! She is precious and I forget just how tiny newborns are!! Lakin is doing great and is going to make a great mother. I love that all my best friends have babies or are going to!! All, except for my Al. She won't be having any for about 10 more years she claims, but when she does her little one will have lots of kids willing to show them the ropes!

After our visit we did some eating at Olive Garden and a little shopping at Target. I forget how fun it is to get out with girls and do a little retail therapy. We didn't get home until close to 10 and we had so much fun. Ryan and I are so blessed to have great friends in our lives.

Today, Wyatt and I spent the day at Mimi and Pawpaw's until daddy got dropped off there. I floated around the pool while Mimi  entertained Toot McGoot and then we cooked dinner. I was so happy to see Ryan and I know he was equally happy to see Wyatt and myself. We are now getting ready for the work week, but not before lovin' on our sweet baby boy...who is nearly a 3 month old! AH!!!

Pictures from this weekend to come later this week!!

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