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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Weekend Recap

Here we are getting ready to start the week again...Bummer. I had a little fun with some sidewalk chalk and have more plans for some pictures with Wyatt. Should be fun.

We had a pretty low key weekend. I seem to dislike the weekends where they are jam packed with every single minute filled up. However, this weekend we had zero plans and I was feeling Or so I thought.

Friday night Ryan and I had big plans. By big I mean we were going to have a date night! Woo-hoo! And by this I simply mean since about Wednesday we were looking for to this night which basically entailed putting Wyatt to bed by 9:30 and wait for it.....watching a movie we had rented. Actually, we went all out and watched 2 movies. AND! And we had some popcorn and willingly saw 1 AM. We are out of control now days people. OOC. We watched Hall Pass (probably one of the funniest movies we've seen since the Hangover) and No Strings Attached. Both were really good and pretty funny so we had a successful night when it came to movies.

Saturday we got around to running errands, ordering pizza, and (gasp) renting more movies. I'm not sure what our deal was with watching more movies but whatever. We watched True Grit and Sanctum. I didn't really get into True Grit as much as I would have like because I ventured into Pinterest. (Idiot!) That's for another  post though... Both movies were really good so we are 4/4. I'm pretty sure the next time we rent movies (3 months from now) they will all bomb completely! I also decided to make some peanut butter and reeces cup cookies. I am truly a fat kid. Which, by the way, ends tomorrow. I am totally utilizing my gym membership to it's full potential and by that I have made  a solemn vow to go no less that 3 times a week. It should be relatively easier now working part-time. That's my hope at least. I've basically told Ryan to kick my butt out of the house if I'm not going. It has to be done. I'm sick of being a Fatty McGee.

We are so close to rolling over back to belly. Daddy was trying to coax him a little. It didn't work.

Today, we went to church with my FIL and spent time at his house before heading over to my parents. I got to do something that I haven't done in forever... I rocked Wyatt to sleep and he slept on my chest for 45 minutes or so. I think I was in heaven. There is absolutely nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby laying on your chest. Ah...melts my heart. He is becoming a little stinker when it comes to his naps. This started Friday and has been the reoccuring theme for the past 3 days. Not sure what's going on, but he usually falls asleep about 15-20 minutes of crying and fussing. We fed him when we got home this evening and I laid him down for a little nap before his last bottle. He cried on and off for 35 minutes before I finally picked him up. He burped instantly so I laid him back down and he was out. Crap. I officially felt like worst mommy of the year. I immediately went outside to tell Ryan what a terrible mommy I felt like since I had completely neglected him...he made me feel a lot better telling me I didn't know and with the way his naps have been there was no way to tell. Seriously though, I (still) feel like poo. Guess that comes with being a parent though, right? Not fun...not fun.

BFF finds out what she's having tomorrow! Fingers crossed it's a boy...but I know it's going to be a girl!

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  1. Oh Sarah I know exactly how you feel about the burp thing. I got soap in Tinley's eye when I was bathing her a few days ago :'( absolutely broke my heart. I cried with her and vowed to NEVER use the goats milk soap on her head again...tear free from now on!


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