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Sunday, February 12, 2012

10 months old

Someone isn't happy that he is getting older.
 And you thought it was me, didn't you?

Okay, to be fair Wyatt doesn't mind getting older. In fact, I think he loves getting older and feeling like such a big boy. What he doesn't like is the fact that mommy made him sit down in his crib so I could get a picture.

He cheered up a bit though...
 It is so hard to believe you 10 months old!!

The highlights for the month:

-You take2  bottles a day- morning and night. You take two straw cups with milk during the day and about 3 cups of water as well. You LOVE water so much. I like thinking you get that from mommy.

-You are eating more table food, but still some of the baby food. I cook you veggies just about every night. Fresh fruits aren't so fresh since they are out of season, but I still feed you the good ones. I will be so happy when summer is here and we can fill your tummy with lots of fresh fruit. You have it in your head that once you sit in your high chair you are supposed to eat. This is always fun when we take you to a restaurant. Nonetheless you are a very good baby out at lunches and dinners.

-You are still sleeping 11-12 hours a night and taking 2 naps a day.

-You are wearing 12 month and 18 month clothes and a size 5W shoe still as well as 18-36 month socks. You are still in a size 4 in your diaper.

-You are finally talking...Ba, Da, Ga, and every now and then I think I hear a Ma.

-You love to push your "grocery" cart (push-walker), laundry baskets, tables, anything that will move really.

-You are cruising along the furniture, tables, and between chairs and tables.

-You stand unassisted and sit down very slowly.

-Bath time is your absolute favorite time of the day I would have to say.

-You give high fives, give sugar (my favorite), and wave bye-bye but only when you really feel like it.

-You have two bottom teeth and the top ones are trying to come in too.

-You still only take a paci at bedtime. Also during sleep time you have found a new love in Scout that Misty bought you. He plays you bedtime music and you just cuddle up to him.
-You got your first real boo-boo this month.
Your Doug & Melissa puzzle fell on your toe, bruising it all up. The bottom of your toe looked like we pressed it in ink to get your print. It was very sad, but you didn't seem like it bothered you too much after the fact. Oh, you also got your feet stuck which is why I even took the 2 above pictures.

-Your favorite toy would have to be your green frog humidifier. You love putting it back together once you take it apart. This will easily keep you entertained for 20 minutes at a time.

-You still could care less about the tv.

-You are starting to "jump" when we tell you. You slam your head back in your high chair when we tell you "ouch" and you continue to be extremely ticklish on your back.

-You LOVE the bathroom, the toilet, the tub. You could stay in the bathroom all day if we let you. It kind of sort of grosses me out too, but it is what it is.

That's all I can really think of right now. I had a whole list on my phone, but daddy broke it over the weekend. (He still denies it.) Hopefully I didn't leave anything big out!


  1. 10 months! Boo for first boo-boos.
    We love scout in our house too! We have Violet too for C. In case you do not have them, the lap top and the musical story book with scout on them are wonderful too. L still plays with both!

  2. Paisley is obsessed with the toilet .... she throws random things in there and trys to fish them out! If she could stay in there all day she would too! LOL


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