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Monday, February 27, 2012

Weekend Recap

Friday morning Wyatt and I got around to go make our weekly trip to the grocery store, when Ryan called and said that he was coming home to drop something off before he was headed to see a couple of customers out of town. Since we were already dressed and ready to go I decided to declare it “Bring Your Wife and Son to Work Day.” Luckily, Ryan didn’t had the least bit of a problem with it, so we loaded the baby up in his work truck and were off. We went to Marshall and Harrison and had just a nice visit while the baby slept. Ryan got to show off our handsome boy to his customers so of course he thoroughly enjoyed that. We got back home around 2:15 and then we went to the store. By the time we go out of there, home, and the groceries put up it was time for Daddy to be home! Yay!
We ended up feeding the baby dinner and then sat there trying to decide what we were going to do ourselves. Wyatt’s only nap for the day occurred on the road trip so he was a Grumpy Butt from about 6 o’clock on. There, clearly, was no way we were taking the baby out. I decided I wasn’t cooking obviously, and so Ryan said if I could find a baby sitter then we would go out to eat. I knew Wyatt’s Nana was in Shreveport and so I called up my mom and asked her what she was doing. Her reply? Watching TV. I then proceeded to tell her she needed to come watch TV at our house. She asked what for and I said because we would like to go eat dinner and taking the baby was out of the question. She immediately said yes and that she’d be there in a little bit. We are so, so thankful to have family so close and so willingly to watch our baby. I gave the baby a bath, lotioned him up, and in jammies by the time mom got there about 7. We held out giving him his bottle so that Mimi would have at least something to do with him since it was clear he would be falling asleep very, very soon. We left to go eat dinner, met up with some friends that Ryan worked with and just hung out at the restaurant until 10. Thank you Mimi for watching the baby! Er, I should say putting the baby to bed and just listening for him. Haha.
And I have a baby that is the size of a 3 year old. You didn't know?

Saturday was Ryan’s weekend to work so we went and joined him at work for about an hour after we got up and around. While we waited for him to get home I ended up making some sliders to test out for Wyatt’s first birthday. Sliders…can you guess what theme I am going with? Once Ryan got home we hit up happy hour and then drove around looking at house I was scoping out. Ultimately, I decided no house would suit us and we are still just going to have to build.
Sunday, we went to church in Havana, went to visit Papaw and then came home. We all ended up taking a 2 hour nap before we got around to go to Mimi’s and Pawpaw’s to eat fish, hush puppies, and fries. So yummy and even Wyatt enjoyed it! Since Nana would still be in Shreveport today, Wyatt stayed with his Mimi so she wouldn’t have to drive over in the morning just to take him back over there that afternoon so Misty could watch him. I am branching out on who gets to watch the baby, can’t you tell? Aside from the grandmas and Erin, Misty will be the only other person to watch him. I might even be brave enough to let him go to the church nursery one of the days. Ha!

This morning the house felt so empty. Wyatt is definitely apart of our morning regime. While we are getting ready he usually lets us know that he is awake and one of us gets him up, changed, and starting to eat. This morning poor Ryan was just “wondering around aimlessly” as he says. It felt like our routine was out of whack and we didn’t know what to do with ourselves. I am leaving work an hour early to go and get him. I can’t help it! Hope you all had a great weekend!

And, sadly this is my toenail...I danced so hard 2 weeks ago my peep toe done went and bruised me. Ha.
And, and...I sent off my Nikon again. This sucker better be ready to go ASAP!! I didn't drop it, the flash wouldn't work. Blah...

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  1. Our family is super close too! I call my Mom all the time and ask her to watch the kids while we go to eat, shop or whatever without them in tow. It is wonderful!


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