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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Love drives me crazy

Like how he's pointing to himself here?

Love drives him crazy too.

 Reason 4525 I like being a mom: Seasonal Jammies

True story... I love Wal Mart because if this. That will probably be the only time I claim that I love Wal Mart. I get so excited everytime I go just so that I can check out the jammies. Do other moms do this?

Today has been a quite ridiculous day. By ridiculous I simply mean that I was a total Fatty McFatty. I ran Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. I took yesterday and today off. Today was seriously not the day to "take" off. I nearly had a full blown meltdown yesterday because I wanted a sort of dessert so bad. I didn't get one so while Wyatt and I were at the grocery store shortly after 8 this morning I picked up a Funfetti cake mix (as well as some Milanos). I got home and immediately inhaled 4 cookies. This is totally out of the norm. Before I got pregnant that was nothing out of the ordinary, but during and after the pregnancy sweets were just not my thing. It was kind of sad, but it definitely was for the better. Well today that all went out the window. Ryan thinks we have a bun in the oven...I'm thinking that is not the case, but rather Aunt Flo is trying to make an apperance next week. After we had dinner tonight I made my cake. I inhaled a majority of it, too. With the help of Bunney of course.
Hey, at least I kept the other sprinkles off the top. It's all about saving calories! Ugh. I am a little piggy, but there is tomorrow to burn it all off. Thank goodness for this nice weather!

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  1. Funfetti cakes are my absolutely favorite! {Insert random fact} I really like to make mine like little cookies and them put them in the freezer... omg they are so good. You should try it! AND- We normally don't put the sprinkles on either!


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