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Friday, November 19, 2010

It's a...


How far along? 19 Weeks

Total weight gain: 7-8

Maternity clothes? Nope!

Sleep: It's finally getting a little awkward. I woke up on my belly a couple times this week. I will absolutely miss it.

Best moment this week: Finding out the gender!!!

Movement: More and more each day!

Gender: It's a BOY!! Wyatt Hudson Davis

Labor Signs: Ew, no. Stay away until April.

Belly Button in or out? In. I will be thrilled if it never pops.

Cravings: Still none.

What I miss: Sleeping throughout the night with no potty breaks.

Weekly Wisdom: Consistency is best...meaning for me, don't participate in work birthday parties where tons of different food is available. Even if you eat in a tiny amounts. Stick to what you know.

Milestones: Finding out we will be having a son!

Today is November 19th, 2010. I turned 25 years old this morning. I am 19 weeks pregnant. I find out I am going to be a mommy to a little boy this afternoon. This evening I shared with my family and 4 best friends. It has been a wonderful day!

Ryan and I knew we had a big day ahead of us. We would be finding out if we were having a little boy or girl come April. We just knew it was going to a little girl. Would have basically bet money on it- that's how convinced we were. We know the girl who does the ultrasounds and she is awesome! We really like Elizabeth (and wish her well on her upcoming wedding and marriage!). She makes us feel very comfortable and we just knew she was going to tell us girl. I had already prepared myself for the news. Not that I was going to be upset it wasn't a boy, more of a "bummer" which would last all of 2 seconds. Everyone says, "As long as it's healthy..." blah, blah, blah. Well of course...who hopes for anything but healthy babies?! I just had a preference of what I wanted our first born to be and I was free to express it. (Side note: I hate to be wrong, but this was the one time I was actually going to be okay with it!!) As soon as that precious baby popped up on the screen I fell in love all over again. But then! Then she told us that it was a BOY! I immediately looked at Ryan and a few OMGs were shared and we actually high fived (which is really no surprise if you know us). Yes, we are corny and even took it to the next level. We are "air high-fivers." Meaning we never touch when we give high-fives. But was special. So special in fact that we touched during our high five. It was the overwhelming excitement. It was out of our control, but it's just what we do.

I never thought my first born would be a little boy...exactly what I wanted. We joked waiting for our doctor to come in about it. Ryan said that God isn't really helping his plan of getting me off that track. (The one that leads right to Sarahgetswhatshewantsalllthetimeville.) What can I say? I have been blessed beyond any measure. I will never take my life and the things placed in it for granted.

Other good news? My due date even got moved up!! We initally started at April 16, then April 11 with the first u/s, and now we are looking at April 9!! Our doctor told me depending on how naturally I wanted this pregnancy to be (very) we would see how I progress but he wouldn't let me go past April 18. I told Ryan Monday night at dinner than my guess for Wyatt's arrival would be April 8. Maybe I will be right!

I love, love, love calling our precious little boy by his name. Wyatt. *Sigh* I could sit there and say his name over and over. I feel like he has a real identity now. Wyatt is going to be everything that we have dreamed, hoped, and prayed for. I look forward to raising this perfect little boy. The little boy that we are convinced is going to have fire red hair, a knock out smile, and a personality that no one can come close to touching. I pray that he has his mommy's indepence, determination, self-control, no-bs attitude and his daddy's loving demeanor, carefree spirit, level-headedness and both of our love for water and the outdoors. If we don't have an outdoorsy water baby, I'm not sure what we will do. Let's just say next summer we will be spending a lot of time at my parent's in their pool getting him well acquainted!

I thank God each and everyday about this precious gift he is giving us. Wyatt will experience an immense amount of love from all the wonderful people in his life. I cannot wait!

Dear Wyatt,

You are no longer the mystery baby we have been so curious about. You are not only our first born, but our son. Your mommy and daddy know just how lucky we truly are to have you entering our lives in just a few short months. We hope to give you everything that you need and most of what you want. We will try our very best to not have a spoiled rotten boy, but if it does happen, we can just blame the grandparents! I look forward to meeting you more and more each day. We love you more today than we did yesterday, but less than we will tomorrow.


Mommy and Daddy
Our precious baby, Wyatt Hudson:

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