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Monday, November 29, 2010

Little boys...

There are a number of reasons I look forward to a little boy...

- Little boys love their mommas. I know I will have a "momma's boy," but not the kind of momma's boy you look at, roll your eyes, and my future daughter-in-law will be ashamed of. He will just know who loves him the most, will hardly ever say no to his requests for a new toy, and the one that will always be there to remind him he doesn't have to be so tough.

- I'm a dirty person. No, I do not mean I like lacking general hygiene, but rather I enjoy being outdoors and getting my hands dirty. I don't mind "hard work" and I prefer to be outside sweating my butt of during the summertime than being confined to a cool house. I honestly hope that my son loves the dirt, the outdoors, all the yucky things that he can find.

- I feel like it's fair to Ryan. Ryan loves hunting. I would be devastated if he didn't get to take our child hunting with him and experience all the fun it entails. I can actually say this because I've been on the hunting adventures with Ryan and it's special...I love that he will be able to share the bonding experience with our son. Even if Wyatt grows up and doesn't like hunting as much as his dad I will feel better knowing that he got to at least experience it.

- Along with that, I can picture my three boys (Ryan, Wyatt, and Marley) spending Monday nights watching WWE. Yes, wrestling...the thing that I am currently listening to while I blog because my husband insists "we" watch it on Monday night. Do I mind? Honestly no. I have my few shows that I must watch, but overall I am pretty laid back when it comes to the tv.

-Our second child will have a big brother. I loved having a big brother. I was, of course, the annoying younger sister, but there was never a doubt that my big brother had my best interest in mind. We would fight like cats and dogs and annoy each other simply because we could but I loved it. He gets me and my spoiled princess attitude and he's okay with that. I just love that Wyatt will be the protector of baby #2.

- Bats and balls vs. Barbies

- I am a fan of matchy-matchy. There is no question of that...but now I get to do matchy-matchy with two boys!! YES!!

- I will remain the Queen Bee...Which probably gives Ryan mixed emotions. I am a handful and I truly believe that Ryan is the only one brave (and crazy) enough to handle me. Two of me may have been a nightmare if we were having a girl first.

-I've always been told that boys are easier. How much easier is TBD, but either way I am liking the sound of that!

I can't wait to have little Wyatt here with us...consuming our mornings, nights, conversations, attention, wallets, etc. There is nothing that we wouldn't do for this little boy and we already realize that. Being pregnant has been the greatest thing that has happen to either of us so far. I love every single movement of his and love it even more that his daddy, Mimi, and Papaw have all got to experience it as well. It just makes it that much more real that we are going to have a son very, very soon.

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