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Monday, November 8, 2010

That girl

It's official. I'm "that girl." Which girl? The one that dances while pregnant.

Eeek! Yes, I danced...while front of a social setting...with a belly. Okay, okay. I made it sound excruciatingly dramatic just then.

Ryan and I went to the River Valley Ducks Unlimited Banquet Saturday night and had a lot of fun. I was a little upset that I was going with 3 guys, but I do very well hanging with the boys. I mean, what could be more fun than hanging out with guys who once they start drinking start reverting back to the 9th grade? Admittedly (shamefully)I was laughing and almost encouraging this behavior. What can I say? Every now and then it's just fun to be immature with good company. I appreciated it a little more being the Sober Sally.

When we were getting ready for the banquet I told Ryan I was ready to get my dance on. He looked at me a little puzzled and even asked, "Pinky?" Now Ryan knows about my love for dancing, but while pregnant? This could be interesting. I had no desire (yeah. right.) to do any dancing this night, but it was so tempting. Now, before people are like seriously? She danced? I will be the first to declare that I was "that girl." The one that thinks I could bust out my "night at the 40" or "I've had a ton of tequila" moves. Yes, I will dance sober because I love it that much, but it's just so much more fun when I've had even one drink. And the stamina I have while dancing is outrageous. I love it and I miss it. Dearly. Here is where I don't feel that lame (trashy) for dancing while pregnant is that it was to the Cupid Shuffle and after someone asked me to come do it with them. I was not the instigator. I had a little bit too much fun during those few minutes of "getting my groove on." I'm pretty positive no one knew I was pregnant, unless they really knew-knew me. For in my dress I wore I just looked like a chunky-butt. I could have really dropped it like it's hott if I wanted too. ESPECIALLY when Imma Be came on. A wave of sadness hit me as I exited the dance floor and "my jam" was coming on. This was the song that me and my girls started dancing to at my reception. I was sad that they weren't there to enjoy it with me and I was sad I wouldn't get to be really dancing to it. Side note: I (surely to my husband's embarrassment) did a little fist pumping during the song while standing next to him. Why? Because I'm funny and dorky and really just didn't care. I was basking in my glory days for a split second...

I am so ready to meet this baby in my stomach. And reason 5,289 is that I'm ready to dance and not feel foolish again!! Mommy and baby will have lots of dance sessions in our future. I vow, right this minute, to be very PG. For his or her sake.

Here we are at 17 weeks, 1 day:

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