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Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I feel like there is so much “newness” surrounding me and my ever growing family.

Sunday my in-laws came over to help Ryan cut down the cedar trees that consumed our front and back yard. We had already removed one of those disgusting (but deliciously smelling) trees earlier in the year and had decided to tackle the others Sunday. I say “we” like I really participated in this endeavor. I like to think that I supervised, and by that I mean I stood around watching trees fall and limbs being picked up by my family. I was the savior of the day however since I was the one who fetched water and went to pick up lunch. I like to think they wouldn’t have made it without me. Me and my pregnant booty were done however once I ate lunch…it was time for a nap and I woke up at the perfect time since they were finished. Now, however, they are massive logs that are in our yard and they look pitiful. I feel pitiful. I feel like my house looks pitiful. They are supposed to be gone by the end of the week and we can start working on our expanding yard. It’s so exciting knowing that we will have an even bigger and greener yard now.

Also on Sunday our washing machine decided to die. RIP dear washer, you were awesome while you lasted. (Which, by the way, was forever.) The washing machine and dryer that Ryan bought with the house were awesome. They were old, sturdy, and could wash and dry clothes in an instant. They just don’t make washer and dryers like they use to. Today, we went and got us a new washer/dryer set and were fascinated by its gadgets. We’re lame, we know. We stood there watching the laundry do its thing…until I felt I was about to die because of hunger. Up until that moment though we were having fun. With our washing machine dying we also tore up the carpet in the laundry room and will be replacing it this coming weekend. I love and hate these little house repairs that we are doing. I love it because it’s new and fun and something we are doing together. I hate it because it’s time consuming and costs money. I know that in the long (short) run it will be well worth it. Ryan and I hope to sell our house and start building our lovely home in the beginning of 2012. I am very thankful and consider myself lucky to own our home- our first home. We plan to live in our dream home the rest of our lives, so I can’t wait to look back and remember this first home…This is the home that Ryan proposed to me in, the one I moved in and we did the whole “sorting” of things, the one where he carried me over the threshold on our wedding night, the one where we have had our first (but definitely not last) knock-down drag out battles, the one where we grew closer together, and the one where we will bring our first born child to. I will admit that I had a break down Sunday, when “my house was falling apart” and yes, I went crying to my parents. I’m a loser at times I know, but they’re my parents. They’re the ones that bring me back to reality every single time. They reassured me that my house wasn’t falling apart, that everything would be fine, and that I should be thankful that I even have a home. See, sometimes I just need that…and sometimes it’s not from my husband. As I type that I realize it sounds cold, but let me clarify. Ryan is a great provider and always puts me first no matter what. He always has my best interest in mind and will go above and beyond to make me happy and that’s something that I sometimes take for granted. Sometimes I think he’s “just saying it to make me feel better” when in reality that’s far from it…he’s just telling me the truth. Things will always be okay with us no matter what we encounter because we have each other and for that I am a million times thankful for. So, yes, I am a stubborn spoiled girl and sometimes need my parents to bring me back down. ( I joke that it’s their duty since they set the bar!) I returned home with little Marley and realized everything was going to be okay. That, and I also was reminded that if I weren’t pregnant and hormonal that I probably would have rolled my eyes, laughed, and been like “whatever” at my trashy yard, broken washing machine, etc. So my new washer/dryer set is fantastic and I am in much better spirits now…okay, okay. It’s not only the appliances that have me feeling great, it’s also the fact that I got my birthday present early!!!

Behold this pretty piece of jewelry!! My husband rocks! Did I mention that? Just a little newness for my bare right hand and for my 25th year on this crazy Earth. Yes, he did awesome and got my number one pick off my wish list at Leann's!!

Oh---and Momma got a "Mom-do." Crap.

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