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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Rag Wreath

I embarked on a craft project to pass my Tuesday night. Ryan had a meeting for work and so I was left with a few extra hours with nothing really to do. This was unacceptable since it was going to make my evening drag on. My goal this week was to have something occupy me each evening that way the week would seem to fly by. So far so good!

I had a little help from Marley Phoenix...if you could call it that. I am convinced that Marley knows there is a baby is my tummy. I think animals have it in them to detect these sorts of things. I mean, they can detect when you are happy or sad so surely they can sense a baby in the womb. Maybe I am foolish and just want to include our "first born" with this pregnancy as well. Marley is a daddy's boy. Which, truth be told, upset me at first. He was my baby. I had Marley a little more than a month when I met Ryan and he was my child, my love, the one things I truly adored, and I was bound and determined to make him a spectacular dog. Little did I know, he already had it in him. My precious little boy instantly became Ryan's baby. I was crushed at first but remembered how lovable Ryan is so I gradually became okay with it. Well, that and the fact that Ryan told me he never liked little dogs, but Marley had won him over. The two are inseparable...However, Marley seems to love his mommy a lot more now days. He curls up with me and lays his head on my tummy. This sudden desire to want to be near me is the very reason I think he knows he is about to lose to spotlight. I feel bad for him...he has no idea what is coming. I'm a little worried that he will be put to the side once the baby arrives, but I am bound and determined to make sure he still feels loved. I think this will be great practice for the hubs and I and spreading our love over two children, which will hopefully be three soon enough. Here is my lovely helping momma with my rag wreath. Notice how focused he is...
See, he wanted to be closer to the middle of everything...which is something he never does. The shocker was the Ryan was even home when this happened! (Yes, the wrag wreath proved to be a little more time consuming and I had to finish tonight.)

Here is my finished project! I am so proud of it! I needed a Christmas wreath, but also wanted to make one. Our big tree is red, black, and silver and even though this is going outside I wanted it to match. OCD much? Yes, I think so.

I used 5 different fabrics that I picked out from Hobby Lobby and bought a wire wreath. I cut up all the fabrice into 1/2 inch X 6 inch and began tying on all the fabric until it was full. It was so simple and I got a lovely wreath for less than 20 bucks. Go me. Ryan was a little skeptical when he first came home and as my progress...of took a total of 4 hours to complete my wreath and when he saw it it was looking puny. But now it's full and pretty and he loves it as much as I do. Have a little faith at times Bunney, geez!

We have just 2 more days until we know what we are having!!! I cannot wait!! Tomorrow I am having my birthday party at work and then Ryan and I are cooking dinner for my parents. My plan of assisting the week in flying by has been a success. See what a little planning will do?

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