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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

20 weeks

You're 20 weeks old today!

Yesterday you stayed with your first "non-family" member babysitter...okay, okay to be fair you stayed with Auntie Erin and Ridgey who are basically family so I guess that doesn't really count. Either way, I think you had a great time. Here is one of the pictures that Erin sent to me during the day. So cute! And ,of course, I immediately forwarded to Ryan and said that's what it'll be like with two babies. Awww :)...Yah, I can already picture it now. My heart is melting.
It's insane to me you are 20 weeks old. 20...this is half of my pregnancy dear child, do you realize this?

Pregnancy teaches you patience...did you know that?

When we found out we were expecting a baby we were over.the.moon. I never wanted anything so badly and was in awe that I was actually going to have my own baby to love on non-stop. Then...then I realized it was an entire 40 weeks away and that it may as well be years because it was going to feel just like that. I have never been a patient person. Ever. I can ask Ryan to do something, he will say sure, and two minutes later I am doing it myself. It's a habit and I like result quickly. Needless to say patience is not on the Top 10 Best Traits for me. I'm okay with this. While pregnancy makes you wait and wait (and wait some more) you learn to be okay with it taking forever. You learn that the longer this little baby bakes the better off he is going to be. You learn the farther away the weeks are the better off you will be mentally, financially, emotionally, etc. Not so much physically. And, just when you don't think you can take another day of a beach ball under your shirt your sweet little miracle babies enters the world and then do you know what happens?? I do. Your life rushes by you. Your little newborn all too quickly morphs into a laughing little infant who isn't so much a baby, but more of a little man in a teeny-tiny (or not teeny tiny at all if you're name is Wyatt Hudson) body. It's heartbreaking and exciting all at the same time. I have a serious love/hate relationship with Wyatt growing up. Each stage is seriously better than the last, but also so bittersweet because I want to bottle him up right now. I can't believe we are approaching the 5 month mark already! I'm pretty positive I went on a complete tanget with patience and what have you, but you know what? It happens (and way more often than it should).

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