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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

50 things you may not know about me...

I saw on a friend's blog where she did 50 fun things about me...who doesn't like to share info about themselves? Ha... I had to follow suit and do one of my own.

1. I make our bed every single morning. I absolutely cannot go to bed if the bed has not been made first.
2. I thoroughly enjoy foods now that I once despised before I got pregnant...onions and pineapples (no, not together). It's the weirdest thing. I heard that this does happen and I guess I am living proof now. I now buy a fresh pineapple once a week.
3. Along with that...I do not have my sweet tooth like I did. Very, very upsetting. I use to have a dessert after every meal and now I can go without.
4. I am the money manager in our family.
5. I love Post-Its but hate the regular yellow ones. Ew.
6. I have a Bachelors Degree in Economics and Finance. I used to always joke with my mom that I couldn't wait for the day that I called up my daddy and told him I was putting my degree to good use (read: throwing away all his hard earned money) and being a stay-at-home-mom. One day, I do hope to put my degree to good use, but I am honestly in no hurry.
7. I would pick a vacation to the mountains before I would a beach.
8. I'd love to kayak, but that would mean I'd have to do the actual paddling and that quickly turns me off.
9. I name every vehicle of mine: Donna, Claire, and now Clarke.
10. I want 2 boys. 1 down, 1 to go.
11. My toenails always have polish on may be chipped and desperately needing do be redone, but still...they always have something on them.
12. If something funny happens, even if it's not really that funny, I instantly text Ryan.
13. I take waaay to many pictures. I love it's all about memories.
14. I become a little bit obsessive over projects, planning, etc.
15. I will bug the crap out of you (Ryan) if I need to know the answers to something.
16. I am a hot natured person. I can instantly break a sweat in 30 degree weather. I'm afraid I've passed this on to my sweet little boy.
17. Nothing irritates me more than dragging your teeth on your fork or scratching your plate. I feel like whenever Ryan does it accidently, his eyes bug out and he quickly spits out an apology.
18. I eat when I'm bored.
19. Therefore, working out is something I have to do.
20. I prefer shopping alone because I feel much more productive.
21. My favorite piece of jewelry besides my wedding bands are earrings.
22. I love the color purple apparently. Just look in my closet.
23. I cook dinner 5 days a week.
24. I do a load of laundry every single day.
25. I don't feel like a crafty person, but seriously long to be one.
26. 409 is my favorite cleaner of all time.
27. I'm very "wordy." Hence, the reason this is more than a simple list...I feel compelled to explain a lot.
28. I love getting mail.
29. "Romantic" stuff makes me feel super weird. I once had a candlelit dinner and I honestly felt like a complete idiot. The only thing I truly wanted was for the lights to be turned on, the food to not be my favorite Italian, and for there not to be any flowers on the table at that moment.
30. My favorite sport is football.
31. New Years Eve is my favorite holiday.
32. Saturday is my favorite day on the week.
33. I love me some karaoke.
34. I (we) use words like asphalt and shipwreck in our household. Example: Kiss my asphalt. (All in a joking manner, when we ask one another to do something.) Example: Marley runs out the door and is gone for 20 minutes and you suddenly realize that he is gone, first thing you say? Shipwreck. It's our way of cussing now that little boy's precious ears are around.
35. With that said, I have a pretty bad potty-mouth.
36. We eat dinner at the dinner table.
37. I cannot stand to have a dirty kitchen after dinner. Within 2 minutes of us being done with supper I start to clean up, wash dishes, and put leftovers away. Ryan always says "I'll do it." but I never let him because I can't let it sit there.
38. I hardly ever have the tv on when I'm at home.
39. I like getting ready for the day listening to Pandora from my phone in the bathroom.
40. I don't have a "dream" vacation. I should work on that.
41. I long for the day when I have my "porn star" hair again.
42. Whenever I'm nervous, bored, or deep in thought I scratch my neck right in the center leaving a big red mark. I do this without even knowing it until I either see it or someone points it out.
43. I have a birthmark that strongly resembles a hickey on the left side of my neck. If I had a quarter for every time someone gets a smirk on their face, nudges me, and asks what I've been up to I would probably retire tomorrow.
44. I've had the same makeup bag for like 6 years. On my Christmas list is a new, monogrammed one...we shall see if I ever get it. If not, if my bag can endure another 6 more years I am a-ok with that!
45. I am a crazy animal person. I cry for more animals than I do most people.
46. I cannot eat a cheeseburger alone. I have to have some sort of side.
47. I pop my 2nd toe on my right foot with my big toe allll the time.
48. I am a morning person all the way.
49. I like any colored pen besides black.
50. I plan to be a part-time SAHM for at least 3 years, God willing.

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